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1 Geek 411 is the brain child of friends Cameron Franklin and Chris Nicolay.  Cameron and Chris met at Oklahoma Christian where they bonded over ultimate, video games, and Magic: The Gathering. (Yes, I used the oxford comma :P)

When Chris traveled out East to visit Cameron and attend PAX East in the Spring of 2016 they began discussing social norms and questioning why it's okay to watch sports for hours a day but then geeks and nerds are questioned about playing video games or their other activities for hours. As a result 1 Geek 411 was born.

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Cameron Franklin

Hello Hello! I'm Cameron, one of your co-hosts! Like most of you I am a huge geek and have been for most of my life. Kingdom Hearts, Magic: the Gathering, Playstation, and Harry Potter are some of the things that I am geeky about. I've been playing video games for as long as I can remember and I learned to play Magic in the early 2000's but I was a kid with 0 money so I couldn't keep up with the cardboard crack until 2012 when I started to really get into it.

Twitter - @HUmarWhitill
PSN - HUmarWhitill
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Instagram - @HUmarWhitill


Chris Nicolay

As you listen to this podcast you will come to know me by many names, but for the most part I'm simply known as Chris.  My older brother introduced me to video games on the NES and have been playing ever since (big Final Fantasy fan).   I was in grade school when the Lord of the Rings movies were being made and read the book in 5th grade, even playing the trading card game.  It was in college that I began playing MTG with Cameron and really enjoy the Commander format!

Twitter - @notso4eign
Instagram - @notso4eign
PSN - notso4eign


Deanna Franklin

Greetings! I’m Deanna and I have been a geek basically my entire life. I grew up watching all the Disney classics as well as Star Wars, reading the Harry Potter series and much more. According to pottermore.com, I am a Hufflepuff and proud of it! I have also been a cosplayer for the past few years and love dressing up as my favorite characters and attending conventions. 

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Twitter: @Deanna790
Facebook: Princess Deanna Cosplay

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