Episode 4: Finally Up & Running


0:00- First awkward pause...

0:05- Cameron is confused to how numbers work…

0:20- Welcome to episode 4!!!

0:44- We have a website! Though you know that if you are reading this… Tell your friends!!!

1:25- National Conference on Youth Ministry

3:40- Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

6:10- So tired...

6:43- #NewFormat!

6:55- No #NewSegment :(

7:00- #NewSegment: #NewSegment: Welcome to the #NewFormat!!

7:15- “Video Games” Segment Starts

8:13- Chris will play any game if you buy it for him!

9:15- Cameron is bad at grammar…

10:20- We struggle at English

20:28- Cameron almost cries

20:52- Cameron says to skip ahead a minute or two to avoid some FFXV spoilers

21:36- 4.5 hours… not an exaggeration…

23:19- We stop discussing spoilers.. It wasn’t to much longer than we thought… #WorkedUp

24:48- Cameron teases Nintendo rant again

26:00- WOOOO PAX!

28:20- All the confusion on Kingdom Hearts naming stuff…

30:00- If you haven’t played Kingdom Hearts you should buy this collection

31:10- The Kingdom Hearts story is crazy confusing

34:15- Awesome Games done Quick

36:00- “Movies/TV” Segment Starts

36:22- Send in your flip book! Contact us at 1stGeek411@gmail.com!

39:00- Audio problem… Cameron’s headphones came unplugged

40:40- Viewing order of the MCU

42:16- Somewhere around 9024 min for all of the MCU (150.4 hours or 6.267 days). Assuming Cameron did the math right.

43:50- Spoiler for Planet of the Apes

45:45- Get Wrecked…

46:09- Chris and Cameron get confused with the wording of the announcement of How I Met Your Father

49:00- Cameron tricks Chris

50:45- “Something Witty (Tech Segment)” Starts

1:00:50 “Tabletop” Segment Starts

1:01:00- Basically MTG talk the segment!

1:01:30- Cameron struggles with English again

1:06:15- MTG Bans

1:06:20- You can view the ban history here

1:11:45- Nope wrong about Deathrite Shaman

1:12:50- “What have you been playing, reading, watching, and listening to?” Segment Starts

1:14:00- For more on That Dragon, Cancer check out our second episode!

1:15:15- See 20:52

1:18:00- That being said Critical Role airs at like 12 AM EST

1:21:06- Board game review coming next week! Feel free to email us at 1stGeek411@gmail.com or on Twitter @1Geek411

1:21:55- I love you

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