Episode 5: Maybe we both have Nintendo rants...

0:00- So before we started this podcast we joked about how one of our goals was to become pro at beat-boxing... we have a long way to go...

0:03- Welcome to Episode 5!!!!

0:32- WOOOO IKEA!!!!


1:05- All about that Christian Chicken

2:05- Big event tease coming in 20 min! 

2:20- "Video Games" Segment Starts

2:35- Technically PS4 also has motion control in terms of tilt of the controller but Cameron means not to the extent that Vita did

2:45- Great Radio... Mistakes were made...

3:12- First Awkward Silence

4:04- We are on Stitcher now!

4:25- Where do you listen to us at? 

4:15- Congratulations us! 


5:00- More info on Dragon Quest VIII looks like it is technically a port with some improvements not a full remake

5:40- Turing Test (The actual test not the game)

6:35- Square Enix Collective

7:08- Chris starts reading...

7:40- Still reading...

7:55- Finished reading!  JK!!

8:34- Finished for real this time

11:58- Link cause Chris said it would be

13:10- Why would Chris be packing a console when he travels in March?

13:45- Cameron adds something to the notes specifically to mess with Chris. Check out "#NewSegment: Fantasy Races" in Episode 1

14:10- "You can't be evil if you are weak"- Chris 2017

14:25- Chris condones stealing

15:15- Is stealing wrong? Let us know! 

17:30- Scalebound trailer

19:55- Cameron clearly doesn't know how much it cost to make a game

20:00- When you do Better you Feel better

20:10- Only took us 18 min to get to it. 

21:00- Cameron makes his stance on puns well known

21:50- How time works 

24:50- We tease Cameron's Nintendo rant again

25:30- Cameron calls that kids will get the wrong Joy Con for Christmas 

27:19- Razer 3 screen laptop prototype was stolen at CES

30:00- Splatoon 2 thing Cameron references

32:15- Cameron calls us a "Media Site"

33:10- Nintendo Switch's cartridges

35:30- Do you think the Switch is a handheld console you use at home or a home console you can take on the go?

37:20- Cameron means Wii is the outlier not the Wii U

39:15- Xbox 1 doesn't have a share button, which is why Cameron wasn't sure, but you can share pics

44:15- "Staple for Parties!" Can we use this to make fun on Nintendo for a couple years?

47:30- Does Chris have a Nintendo Rant also??? ;) 

49:25- Nintendo, can Cameron have a Switch?

51:30- 70,000,00 sold! Wait no 70,000! Just kidding... 1 Million shipped. Cameron got there

53:27- That art though (of Project Octopath Traveler)

59:40- "Against stealing"

1:02:45- How do you feel about the Switch after the event?

1:07:00- "Movies" Segment Starts

1:08:30- Cameron reads a description

1:08:43- Done reading cause he picked the right one to read

1:18:15- How was the Sherlock Mystery? No spoilers please! ;) 

1:20:35- "Something Witty Sta..." We want your flip books so we can read them!

1:21:25- "Something Witty" Tech Segment actually starts

1:22:40- Cameron tries to guess what RAM stands for... He is very wrong...

1:23:40- Not edited out. CHRIS HAD ONE JOB!!!!

1:24:15- "Table Top" Starts

1:24:34- Segment Renamed "Magic and Other Stuff"

1:28:07- Our first board game review starts

1:28:20- Chris is a wordsmith! Pro Segue Way 

1:28:45- Noir: Detective Mystery Game by Level 99 games is a 2-9 player game (depending on the mode you play) that has big memory component as you try to track down and capture the other player(s)! 

1:29:13- Are we journalists?


1:33:47- Noir feels like a suspenseful crime drama!

1:34:16- Sneeze!

1:34:25- Chris didn't cut out the sneeze... as you noticed... cause he didn't edit it out

1:36:50- You can check out Level 99 Games' store here!

1:39:00- Instead of picking Monopoly pieces ahead of time Cameron and Chris do it on the podcast.

1:39:30- TURTLE! #TeamTurtle (Technically a Tortoise but yea)

1:40:30- This is the best radio only 

1:40:45- Cameron's Texas pride influences his vote

1:41:55- YOUR VOTE MATTERS! and Cameron reveals he has no intention on buy this monopoly game. 

1:42:50- HARAMBE!!!! RIP

1:44:00- Monopoly with real money is just gambling right? 

1:45:52- "What have you been playing, reading, watching, and listening to?" segment starts

1:47:00- Cameron struggled playing a 3rd person shooter

1:47:50- Owning Faith by Ron Burner and Dudley Chancey

1:50:30- We struggle with how time works again

1:56:20- Set of sheep... Like a flock?

1:57:35- When it looks like Cameron painted them you know its bad

1:59:30- Just Cameron trying to be funny... "Please Laugh"

2:00:24- I love you <3

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