Episode 6: Totalitarian Penguins

0:00- No awkward silence at the beginning!!!! are we pros now?

0:12- Who are our hosts!?!?!?!?!!?

0:45- Write in if you want to hear a Barack Dubs of Cameron

1:20- "Music"

1:52- "Video Games Segment" starts

3:00- How long till the KH collection drops in price? NOT LONG ENOUGH!!

3:46- "Makes some sense of Kingdom Hearts" bascially everyone trying to figure our the Kingdom Hearts story

8:15- In Episode 2 at 1:12:15: "Cameron agrees to play Resident Evil in VR for $1 Million (on the toilet and only for 5 minutes)"

10:30- Cameron has made his stance on puns well known...


13:10- Jecht Shot Mark 3 

14:00- Injustice Comic book info


15:00- Here is the link to vote for the Fire Emblem Heroes 

16:41- "Not Stealing"

17:05- Shots fired Christians 

For Fire Emblem Fates there are 2 physical games and the 3rd path is DLC. I was working on a different part of the notes and forgot to grab the time stamp

19:50- Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon "is a remake of the Famicom title Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, the first entry in the Fire Emblem series"

20:35- Cameron's Nintendo rant teased again

23:37- Cameron goes really deep in Magic the Gathering lore 

25:00- You can find the MTG Story here

27:00- We immediately get sidetracked talking about a new game... it takes us 3 min to actually get back to the news story 

28:55- First Awkward Silence? 

29:25- Nioh for the record

30:45- Chris sounds like his heart was once broken by a viking? 

34:12- Yu-Gi-Oh Ban List

35:16- To be fair the Yu-Gi-Oh Dice Monsters episodes were good

36:20- "Movies/TV/Flip Book Segment" starts

38:00- Chris is correct there is some outrage about this movie

39:55- "Reincarnating" is in the movie description which we obviously didn't read well enough

41:00- Cameron tries way to hard for the intro to this news story

43:00- Logan look so good!

53:00- We need a spoiler policy... Let us know what you think the rules could be!

54:00- #NewSegment: Anime

55:55- Rise is the best idol


58:55- "Something Witty" starts

59:00- We need segment names! 

1:04:00- Please share with your friends! And rate us on iTunes and Stitcher!

1:05:25- Cameron tries really hard to not to say "Alexa"

1:06:55- Amazon we are looking for sponsors! 

1:07:25- How puns make Cameron feel

1:08:18- "Magic and other Tabletop Stuff" segment starts

1:09:00- look out for team 1 Geek 4:11! 


1:10:35- Aether Revolt Spoilers can be found here

1:14:35- Chris likes elves as you can hear is episode 1 and in episode 5 when we talk about Styx

1:20:00- A deck like the one Chris plays

1:23:40- Do something crazy!

1:26:15- Here are our lists:
Chris: OrnithopterRishkar, Peema RenegadeHighspire InfusionParadox EngineMechanized Production,
Cameron:Yahenni, Undying PartisanAid from the CowlMaulfist Revolutionary, Ajani Unyielding

1:28:00- Board Game Geek's Most Anticipated Games of 2017

1:28:45- "Pixel Glory- Light and Shadow" has launched on Kickstarter since we recorded

1:30:45- "#NewSegment: We are Stupid" starts

1:33:00- "#NewSegment: Feedback" starts

1:33:15- Cameron's Merfolk deck


1:35:00ish- What are our favorite FPS?

1:39:00- "What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?" starts

1:41:55- Cameron's Atraxa Deck Planeswalkers


1:44:00- Drive to Work can be found here

1:46:21- I love you

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