Episode 1: Mostly FFXV Hype

0:00- Welcome Home!

0:11- First Awkward Pause



1:10- "Upcoming Releases" Start

1:15- We insult people’s projects…

6:10- We make fun of FFXIII… :’(



12:40- We talk about specifics of a game that we clearly haven’t researched

13:35- “#NEWSEGMENT: Fantasy Races”

14:10- Chris gets obviously overzealous with the new segment

15:58- Sorry Steve Prescott… Your other work is great!

17:17- Chris almost prints 1000 pages…

18:23- Pretty sure we confuse races with species? I could Google it but...

19:00- Shout out to Godsfall

20:45- Dwarves are so meh…

24:30- Cameron makes a really deep-cut trying to be funny...

25:22- “News” Starts



33:00- Mega Man Pixel Tactics

33:44- “On the way”



41:00- #Sorrynotsorry M. Night Shyamalan

46:08- Potato Salad Kickstarter

48:20- Breaking News:


52:20- We get confused and actually look it up online… you should be proud

53:38- Hopefully you can still do it?

54:00- “What have you been playing, reading, watching, and listening to?” Starts





1:05:00- Shout out to Eligible Monster

Let us know: What are you favorite fantasy races?

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