Episode 2: That Dragon Cancer

0:00- First awkward pause

0:06- Got the podcast name right!

3:00- “Game Releases” start

4:10- Creepy or Not?

4:45- Chris went a little deep

7:35- 97 Final Fantasy Games

9:25- Chris agrees to give Cameron anything if FFVII remake doesn’t use FFXV combat mechanics

10:00- We remember what we were actually talking about

11:29- Pro Segue Way

11:30- “Movie Releases” start

12:40- Our bad...

13:35- “News” Starts

14:20- Cameron grossly overestimates the length of the trailer

18:45- We come up with a game idea?

20:10- Great radio occurs

20:38- Chris agrees to paint Cameron’s house

24:15- Aether Revolt Spoilers

29:00- Cameron pretends to understand art

32:25- Games with Impact: That Dragon, Cancer

36:45- Growing Young

37:25- More good radio

37:35- Danger!

42:10- Cameron teases his Nintendo Rant

46:55- Ellie is too young to drink

56:00- Oops FFXV talk…

1:01:00- Wipeout!

1:06:10- Cameron offers to sell out

1:08:00- We don’t like baseball…

1:12:15- Cameron agrees to play Resident Evil in VR for $1 Million (on the toilet and only for 5 minutes)

1:14:15- Jesse Carey Nickelback Challenge

1:17:30-“What have you been playing, reading, watching, and listening to?” Starts

1:19:45- Check out our Spoilercast of FFXV!

1:22:10- Cameron complements the weapons after saying there were none to buy… He means the Royal Arms here…

1:24:50- Minor FFXV spoiler… We somehow manage to tell you the right amount of time to skip ahead?

1:28:00- “#NEWSEGMENT: #Squad: Road Crew Edition” Starts

1:29:00- Chris: Samson

1:31:00- Cameron: Peter

1:31:40- Cameron: Esther or Joseph

1:32:10- Cameron: Elijah

1:33:15- Chris: John the Baptist

1:35:25- Chris: David

1:37:50- How many times does Cameron say “Side Note” in this episode…

1:43:00- We found out later that we were playing Diamant wrong

1:49:00- We beatbox…

1:51:30 We are done!

1:52:30 Just kidding

1:53:00 Cameron announces that Christ will be a groomsman in his wedding

1:55:05 Still not done…

1:56:05 Thanks for sticking through this…

1:57:11 I love you...

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