Episode 47: Thor First Impressions, Another Studio Closing.

1:30- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?
23:00- Video Games
55:50- Movies/TV
1:21:30- "Must See" Movie of the Week
N/A- Anime
1:29:50- DongleNews (Tech)
1:38:45-- Magic and other Tabletop Games
1:46:45- We are stupid
1:48:50- Feedback (Please send us any feedback you have!)

Detailed Notes:
0:14- Welcome Home #GeekyFaithful

0:20- No respect for the host

1:30- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?

1:35- Chris Shares

1:45- Chris finishes up Super Mario Odyssey

Thor Ragnorok.jpg

2:50- Thor Ragnarok talk! 

4:25- Deanna tries to avoid spoiling the cameo

7:10- Deanna retires from the podcast

9:20- Visual gags are perfect on an audio medium

10:05- Deanna shares

10:15- "Pikachu: I Choose You" talk!! 

10:50- Cameron hasn't made his stance on Pikachu well known  

14:40- Cameron with a Pokemon deep cut

16:00- The Gifted... Still better than Inhumans

17:45- Cameron Shares

19:15- Shout out to Justin

19:40- Is your name Justin?

20:50- Shout out to Swish and Flick podcast

21:50- If you were going to host a "read through" or "watch through" podcast what would it be about?

23:00- Video Games

xbox one x.jpg
Sonic forces.jpg

23:35- XBOX One X Drops this week! 

24:40- Nioh Complete Edition, Sonic Forces, Super Lucky's Tale, and Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds came out this week

24:45- Behind the scenes talk

25:00- Cameron calls out 3D Sonic games

 28:10- Football Manager Mobile 2018 is the silly description of the week

29:10- Isn't the authentic football experience playing football?

29:50- Trivia: Why are soccer balls black and white?


33:05- RIP Star Wars Galaxies

34:50- Runic Games (Hob and Torchlight) shut down by Perfect World Entertainment so the company could focus on “Online games as service”

35:20- "I've made my stance on EA well known"

36:40- "Hob sold some things" Cameron 2017

40:45- CoD WWII peaks at 76k players (Infinite Warfare peaked at 15K)

43:15- Microsoft planning to make more “in house” games

46:30- Microsoft interested in eventually bringing games 1st party games to other devices but there are  No immediate plans

48:15- Playstation trophies will start earning you rewards- CLARIFICATION you have complete the whole challenge to get the reward it isn't  based on individual trophies

51:15- Bandai Namco working on 3 exclusive switch games

51:35- What Bandai Namco game would you like so see as an exclusive on the Switch?

55:25- Deanna finds the one Star Wars game on the list

55:50- Movies/TV

56:00- Murder on the Orient Express and Daddy's Home 2 are the releases that stand out to use this week

59:20- Disney in talks to buy some portion of 21st century Fox

1:04:15- Zoo Talk

1:06:30- Thor Ragnarok brings in $122 Million opening weekend and MCU breaks $5 billion domestic box office

1:09:35- Justice league reshoots brings production cost to $300 million

1:12:00- In other skeptical news

 1:12:15- Amazon considering a LOTR series, their answer to GOT…

1:15:10- Is it too soon for another LOTR series?

1:18:10- World Fantasy Awards 2017

1:18:30- What fantasy/Sci-Fi IP would you like to see get made into a movie or TV series?

1:20:55- Debate over segment names happens

1:21:30- "Must See" Movie of the Week

1:21:45- Strange Magic talk

1:25:05- Strange Magic is not necessarily bad but doesn't have great story telling and has very two dimensional characters

1:27:35- Meet the Robinsons is this weeks "Must See" movie of the week


N/A- Anime

1:29:50- DongleNews (Tech)

1:30:20- NVIDIA Special Edition Titan XPs are Star Wars themed

1:32:25- Intel and AMD partnership to compete with NVIDIA

1:35:10- T-Mobile owners uses a smart assistant made by Will.I.Am

1:36:00- The Ghost of DJ Roomba approves of this news 

1:37:15- Google Assistant can now identify music and Sony’s android tvs now have google assistant

1:38:45- Magic and other Tabletop Games

1:38:50- Pro Tour Ixalan VODs 

1:39:40- From the Vault Transform

1:40:00- Ars Technica best games from Essen

1:41:30- Do you want to build a Death Star?

1:43:05- Alpacas and Llamas aren't the same thing!

1:43:40- Catan: Chocolate edition


1:46:45- We are stupid

1:47:15- Shanghai Rum from Todd

1:48:50- Feedback (Please send us any feedback you have!)

1:49:50- Thank you listeners for making October the best month so far! 

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