Episode 46: Deanna goes to Disney, AI takeover starts with toys.

1:30- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?
15:35- Video Games
50:00- Movies/TV
1:02:45- "Must See" Movie of the Week
1:10:35- Anime
1:11:30- DongleNews (Tech)
1:29:15- Magic and other Tabletop Games
N/A- We are stupid
1:33:05- Feedback (Please send us any feedback you have!)
1:37:10- #NewSegment Disney Land things you need to do! 

Detailed Notes:
0:30- Welcome Home #GeekyFaithful

1:30- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?

1:35- Chris shares- Super Mario Odyssey

2:40- Happy Death Day talk "Thriller Groundhog Day"

4:30- Cameron Shares

6:50- If you don't like Mario games you won't like Super Mario Odyssey... But then you probably don't own a Switch

10:20- Cameron feels Stranger Things 2 is "The Quest to get a balanced DnD Party"

12:10- Cameron and Chris have different expectation of what they would want to go into a dungeon with

13:15- Deanna Shares

13:25- Deanna went to DIDNEY WORL!!!!!

14:35- Deanna starts AC: Origins walk through from TheSavagedGary

15:35- Video Games

call of duty.jpg

15:55- Call of Duty WWII and .Hack//G.U. Last Recode release this week

16:20- "Call of Dirty"

17:00- We talk about Call of Duty which we don't know anything about...

19:20- 911 Operator is the silly description of the week

20:30- Chris in an emergency "SEND ALL THE PEOPLE!!!"

20:55- How does 911 work?

22:25- Chris refuses to play "Customer Service Simulator"

26:00- China might ban all battle royale games?

28:25- EA is changing how loot boxes will work in Battlefront 2

30:00- "Gamestop Power* Pass" Cameron labeled it wrong in the notes 

34:45- Chris likes buy new games too much...

35:30- Cameron tried to segue us

36:15- Games with Gold and PS+ games for November 2017

37:40- Guacamelee 2 and Splunky 2 announced

39:00- Sony Paris Games Week talk

40:25- Another Episode 10 reference

41:10- Ghost of Tsushima announced by Sucker Punch! 

43:00-  We get into the Detroit: Become Human trailer controversy 

46:00- Followed by the controversy around the Last of Us Part 2 trailer


50:00- Movies/TV

Thor Ragnorok.jpg

50:05- Thor Ragnarok releases this week! 

51:35- Stranger Things 2 spoilercast tease

52:10- Bad Moms: Christmas also comes out

55:00- Chris lists off more movies

55:30- Mark Hamill talks about why he joined The Force Awakens

56:10- Hamill bashes the Star Wars' prequels 

58:15- Tarantino has finished his 9th movie script

1:01:30- Tessa Thompson, and many of the other female stars, have pitches an all female "Avengers Style Movie" to Marvel

1:02:45- "Must See" Movie of the Week

1:03:00- Cameron talks High Spirits

1:03:45- Cameron needs to make his "power rankings" of the things we have watched for this segment

1:05:20- High Spirits: Not enough Liam Neeson... and he is a creep...

1:06:45- Strange Magic the the "Must See" movie of the Week

1:07:20- Tomaters 

1:07:35- Audio goof...

1:09:00- Deanna and Cameron disagree on the number of movies that flopped and became cult classics

1:10:35- Anime

1:11:30- DongleNews (Tech)

1:11:45- Razer Smart phone officially announced

1:14:05- How much Pokemon Go can it handle?

1:16:30- Chris mentions the phone he doesn't want to mention

1:17:10- Amazon Key announced

1:19:50- It's like Uber except instead of driving you they come into your house

1:22:30- Pikachu talk coming to Amazon Echo and Google Home

1:24:10- Aibo reboot looks cool- 2 hour battery life with 3 hours to charge

1:25:30- $936 for the 3 year subscription + $1700 initial cost for the new Aibo

1:27:30- Cameron teases 1 Geek 4:11 shirts 

1:28:40- Our brand guidelines are no glitter

1:29:00- Chris has made his stance on glitter well known

1:29:15- Magic and other Tabletop Games

1:29:30- Pro Tour Ixalan is happening! 

1:29:55- From the Vault: Transform info

1:30:45- Roughly 182,000 attendees at Essen Spiel 2017!

1:31:10- Shout out to the BGG live stream coverage

1:32:20- Chris and Cameron refuse to look up when Deanna joined the show

1:33:05- Feedback (Please send us any feedback you have!)

1:33:15- Shout out the Kerry for her feedback on the questions of the week!

1:37:10- #NewSegment Disney Land things you need to do! 



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