Episode 51: Megaman 11!!! Furlexa...

1:30- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?
17:20- Video Games
42:00- Movies & Entertainment
51:15- "Must See" Movie of the Week
56:55- Anime
1:01:25- DongleNews (Tech)
1:06:35- Magic and other Tabletop Games
N/A- We are stupid
1:13:35- Feedback (Please send us any feedback you have!)

Detailed Notes:
0:14- Welcome Home #GeekyFaithful

0:25- Words are hard

1:00- Visual gags on an audio medium are the best

1:30- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?

1:55- Deanna Shares

2:00- How is Supernatural still a thing?

2:30- "Supernatural is good... but not 12 Seasons good!"

2:35- Let us know what you would like to see on a shirt!

3:15- Runaways hype! 


6:30- Not good things about the Frozen short...

8:45- Cameron Shares

9:05- Cameron really wants to see the other cultures in the Horizon Zero Dawn world

10:15- Is anyone playing Frozen Wilds during their first playthrough of Horizon? How do you think it fits?

10:55- Doki Doki Literature Club talk- Really interesting but pay attention to the warnings!


12:35- Chris Shares

12:40- Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Talk

15:40- Chris talks Salvation 

17:20- Video Games

17:35- Curse of Osiris comes out as the first big expansion for Destiny 2

18:10- Jak 2 and 3 are getting ports to PS4 (Jack X Combat Racing also)

19:55- Deanna wants a snowboarding game with an actual snowboarding peripheral

20:25- Hello Neighbor by TinyBuild Games is the silly description of the week

22:05- Conspiracy Theory: Hello Neighbor bad guys is the Home Alone kid

24:25- What is your Game of the Year?

29:55- Shots fired Mighty Number 9 

36:45- PS Plus & Games with Gold

37:45- We love our EU listeners! 

42:00- Movies & Entertainment

42:25- Psych the Movie comes out!!! 

43:00- RIP headphone users

44:45- The Crown season 2 hits Netflix! 

46:15- Mulan has been cast!

48:30- Frozen short pulled from beginning of “Coco”

49:00- Maybe don't make a 20 minute "short"

51:15- "Must See" Movie of the Week

53:25- Thank you Kerry for writing in!

55:30- Anastasia is this weeks "Must See" Movie of the Week!

56:05- What do you think about historically inaccurate films?

56:55- Anime

57:05- MHA: One Justice coming to PS4/Switch

1:01:25- DongleNews (Tech)

1:02:20- "What kind of sick freak?!?!"

1:06:05- I've made my stance on puns well known so this isn't getting added to the show notes

1:06:35- Magic and other Tabletop Games

1:07:00- Taking action on harassment and bullying by Wizards

1:08:15- Unstable Releases! 

1:08:35- Un-mander is alive! And straight chaos happens

1:10:35- World Class is the story Cameron is talking about

1:11:15- Fallout Board game and T.I.M.E. Stories: Estrella Drive 1982 NT Expansion release

N/A- We are stupid

1:13:35- Feedback (Please send us any feedback you have!)

1:13:40- You can now find us on Anchor.fm/1Geek411! Feel free to call in!


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