Episode 8: #FEHeroes

Segment Start Times:
4:10- Video Games
36:45- Movies/TV
52:20- Anime
55:50- Something Witty (Tech)
1:02:25- Magic and other Tabletop Games
1:26:45- We are stupid
1:26:50- Feedback
1:28:35- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?

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"Detailed" Notes:
0:00- Welcome home!

0:30- How about that intro! Thank you Matt!! 

1:15- We goofed last week... 

1:55- What big event happened? 

2:13- According to Cameron all sports are just adults sweating on each other

2:45- Cause their football wasn't good enough 

4:10- "Video games" segment start

5:00- H's: throwing off Cameron since 2017

6:00- Lords of the Fallen is the game Cameron is trying to remember

7:40- Silly Game of the Week! and description reading! 

10:10- FFVII Key Art

13:20- IN GAME BOOST!!!! Don't know what it is but it sounds exciting! 

13:54- Aranea is who Chris is talking about

15:05- When Cameron is fake hyped...

16:18- Cameron means 1 pop figure per show/game like what Chris says...

20:20- Worth noting that units shipped does not necessarily equal units sold

23:00- Would you like our logo as a wallpaper? 

22:31- "It can't be that difficult right?"

24:00- Sony: making things way more complicated than it needs to be since forever

24:45- Cameron clearly doesn't know how tech works... This is why Chris handles "Something Witty"

by Sam Woolley

by Sam Woolley

28:00- There is a lot of other really good info on the "Circle of Life" around the internet if you do some Googling

31:30- "Titanfall 2"-"Titan"="Fall 2"?

32:00- Titanfall players how do you feel about a Titan free mode? 

33:00- Getting a game then it showing up on PS+/Games with Gold is the Struggle


36:45- Movies/TV Starts

37:45- How do you feel about there just being a "2" after a movie title vs it being "Part 2" or "Chapter 2"


38:38- Might not be your podcast but please keep listening! 

40:35- That Bible reference though

46:00- SNL Sketch is Aziz Ansari sorry if there is language in it I don't remember it from when I watched it

52:20- "Anime" Segment starts

52:50- Happy New Year!


53:15- Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

55:50- "Something Witty" segment starts

56:00- Calling it now the robot will take over the world 

58:45- That belt though

1:01:35- Cameron didn't do something cause he was confused...

1:02:25- "Magic and other Tabletop Games" segment starts

1:03:00- Big Magic event that neither of us watched...

1:03:30- Mardu Vehicles list from the winner of Pro Tour Aether Revolt

Mardu Vehicles.PNG

1:05:35-  CaptainCon 2017. Pictures at the bottom of the show notes! 

1:05:45- First interview segment starts!!! It works! We didn't break the internet! 

1:10:55- Classic Craigslist Submarines 

1:20:25- For the record I never got to play Pathfinder

1:20:45- Thank you Jason for inviting me out to CaptainCon! 

1:21:45- "Staple at parties"

1:23:00- All aboard the Hype Sub! 

1:24:45- Science with Chris starts

1:26:30- "We are Stupid" starts

1:26:45- Feedback Starts

1:26:50- Thank you for subbing! 

1:27:10- Please help us break 100 listeners!

1:27:34- All feedback/questions are appreciated! 

1:28:35-What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?

1:30:55- Exciting Radio Starts

1:32:30- Cameron is disappointed... but has gotten 2 different 5 stars since the ep. 

1:37:20- Maybe we will eventually have a Twitch Channel! 

1:38:22- I love you! 

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Wrymwood's Magnetic GM screen that you can find on  Kickstarter ! 

Wrymwood's Magnetic GM screen that you can find on Kickstarter

Our Captain Sonar group! 

Our Captain Sonar group! 

Captain Sonar set up

Captain Sonar set up

Carcassonne: Amazonas 

Carcassonne: Amazonas 

Orleans (Cameron was playing Yellow)

Orleans (Cameron was playing Yellow)

Atraxa's new Wyrmwood deck box :) White Oak is so pretty! 

Atraxa's new Wyrmwood deck box :) White Oak is so pretty! 

Game of Thrones: Hand of the King

Game of Thrones: Hand of the King



Mission Red Planet

Mission Red Planet