Episode 9: White savior?

Segment Start Times:
2:05- Video Games
26:00- Movies/TV
48:00- Anime
54:25- Something Witty (Tech)
59:25- Magic and other Tabletop Games
1:12:25- We are stupid
1:13:55- Feedback
1:15:10- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?

"Detailed" Notes:

0:14- Welcome home!

0:35- New recording style!

0:45- Chris doesn’t even know what ep this is!


1:05- Next week hype!

1:43- First awkward pause in a while

2:05- "Video Games" Segment Starts

2:10- For Honor? Never heard of it

2:35- “It’s fun but I don’t like it”- Cameron 2017

3:05- Takes us 30 seconds to get to “Deadliest Warrior”

4:15- “Science”

4:35- Mythbusters throwing like a girl video

5:05- Chris’ clear samurai bias

5:35- “Sniper Elite 4” the series you didn’t know existed

6:43- Cameron’s first cough

7:00- Changing the letters in a name makes it cool, right??

7:15- Longest sentence ever!?!?!

8:25- Placeholders for the win! #ThanksIGN

9:00- Chris realized he has played the game we are talking about… We clearly don’t prep enough for the episodes

10:00- One of those days…

11:30- E3 can’t handle the 1 Geek 4:11!

12:45- ONE DAY!!!

13:00- PAX EAST HYPE!!!!

13:20- All aboard the HYPE TRAIN!!

14:40- Cameron gets Chris sick

15:05- Cameron sings and loses all our fans…

15:30- 28 games on 1-2 Switch

17:55- Cameron does math and pretends that he knows how the video game industry works…

21:10- Toxic in LOL who would have guessed?!?!

22:15- Technically some teams have subs so they probably aren’t starting from scratch but yea…

23:05- Destiny 2 coming in 2017? I believe it when it is out…

25:25- The story that they didn’t tell you in Destiny is much cooler than the one they did tell…

26:00- Movies and TV Starts

26:55- Apparently Great Wall is still a really good movie despite the critics 

28:15- All 'bout that Buick 'bout that Buick no Hondas

28:50- Worth Note?? Fist Fight??

29:40- "Thanks SemiSpheres"

32:45- Green Arrow PUNCHING A DRAGON!!!

32:55- Chris messes up Marvel and DC... Please don't send hate mail...

34:20- Shout out the the Defenders on Twitter! Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist

36:15- Classic Fox just trying to make money...

37:20- Thank You Todd!

38:00- Dr. Acula is Bae

38:45- Someone want to explain Castlevania to us like we are five

38:55- Goofy Laugh

42:10- Teen Titans Go watch Teen Titans- Chris didn't send this to me I had to find it

44:30- If you don't like Kingdom Hearts or Lord of the Rings you are wrong


45:00- Hobbit Recut

45:46- What???

46:40- David Oyelowo on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert

48:00- "Anime" Segment Starts

48:20- Please don't call people Pig's Foot... and please stand up to bullies

50:00- Chris, who doesn't really like sports loves sports animes

53:15- People just want to fit in! 

54:25- "Something Witty (Tech)" Segment Starts

58:30- Random podcast stats

59:25- "Magic and other Tabletop Games" Segment starts

59:40- Planeshift Kaladesh

1:06:25- Sorry non-Magic players...

1:07:40- LarkLamp* my b

1:10:20- Have you every Kickstarted anything?

1:12:25- "We Are Stupid" Segment starts

1:13:00- A pic of what Cameron is talking about

1:13:55- "Feedback" starts

1:14:00- Should we start up a Facebook page?

1:14:40- Thank you for sharing the podcast! Keep up the awesome work!

1:15:10- "What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?" Segment Starts

1:16:30- Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet is so good! 

1:19:55- "Really Warm"

1:21:15- "One Last Thing"- We have a beef!!!!

1:23:15- Pax East tease that Chris misses...

1:23:45- I love you

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