Episode 10: Welcome @TungstenPhoenix

Segment Start Times:
11:55- Video Games
45:35- Movies/TV
55:00- Anime
1:00:00- Something Witty (Tech)
1:09:00- Magic and other Tabletop Games
N/A- We are stupid (Means we are Smart!!)
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1:14:10- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?

Detailed Notes:
0:14- Welcome Home!

0:30- Surprise Guest! 


0:55- Friend/Follow Kraig just not on Facebook... He doesn't love you like we do

1:20- The Story of how Chris and Kraig Know each other

1:35- Chris Confesses to Arson... and doesn't edit it out...

2:20- Get to know Kraig time


4:15- Kraig's life is a shooter phase

5:45- Chris triggers Kraig...

5:55- "Two Minutes" for the Destiny rant 

6:15- Two Months= >1000 hours

11:00- Do you think Kraig should get 

11:40- Destiny Rant Ends

11:55- Video Games Segment Starts

12:10- Kraig, the Xbox guy, hasn't played the Xbox exclusive...

13:40- If you guest you must read the description

15:05- The power of music compels you!!!

15:35- Great reading Kraig! 

17:40- Pokemon Duel is Bae

18:15- 1400's in Pokemon Duel? How cute


18:45- To clarify Cameron is 1900 ranking not 1900 in the world

20:15- Final Fantasy hype


23:40- You can find out more about FFXIV here


25:30- FFVII and KH3 Hype! 

26:40- The original FFVII battle system is "Active Time Battle" which is what Cameron is trying to thinking of

30:10- Welcome to Final Fantasy XIII... 

33:00- "Unique to the space"

33:10- First Awkward Pause...

37:20- What happens when fan exceptions are different than designer vision

38:00- We get confused

38:50- MTG at E3? interesting...

43:25- Gosh Kraig! The Switch is a staple at parties

44:20- Towerfall is so much fun! 

Towerfall <3 

Towerfall <3 

45:35- "Movies and TV" Segment Starts

45:45- Kraig gets confused

46:20- Goku vs Superman Flipbook

49:00- Cameron is more picky about horror movies than he is about Anime

49:45- Kraig and Chris agree to go on a bro date

50:30- "My love for popcorn is insatiable" Kraig 2017

54:15- On a scale of "Sour Patch Kids to Mike 'N Ikes" how much did Kraig like Great Wall?

55:00- "Anime" Segment Starts

56:10- Kraig fan girls

1:00:00- "Something Witty (Tech)" Segment Starts

1:08:00- Cameron reveals how confused he has been for the last 8 min

1:09:00- "Magic and other Tabletop Games" Segment starts 

1:10:25- Cameron and his Merfolk <3 

1:11:15- Shout out to Jonathan Zaczek you can find him as Nikachu MTG on YouTube

1:12:40- BGG.con and PAX Unplugged OVERLAP!!! OH NO!!!!

1:13:45- Please invite us to BGG.Con and PAX

1:14:00- "Company"

1:14:10- "What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?" Segment Starts 

1:15:50- Congrats Kraig for Hitting Gold in Siege! 

1:18:40- Kraig spits fire

1:20:40- Stay in school kids

1:22:35- Thank you "Don't Worry be Appy!" for Rating us on iTunes! 

1:23:50- I love you 

1:23:51- I know

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