Episode 7: Too much water?

Segment Start Times:
1:30- Video Games
68:45- Movies/TV
85:45- Anime
96:00- Something Witty (Tech)
107:40- Magic and other Tabletop Games
133:55- We are stupid
137:30- Feedback
140:00- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?

"Detailed" Notes
0:00- What? Sweet Intro Music???? We will tell you more next week! 

0:15- Smooth transition! 

0:32- Behind the scenes of the magic! 

0:55- Says "Nothing Major this week" then the longest ep yet

1:30- "Video Games" Segment Starts

3:10- "Thanks IGN! TOO MUCH WATER!" 

6:15- Friend us on Fire Emblem Heroes! 

9:00- "We Like Ike! We Like Ike!"

10:00- Spoiler: We release episodes every week

13:00- This silly game description has gotten a lot more attention than anticipated

13:30- #JechtShotMark3: The Rosetta Stone! 

14:20- First Awkward Silence

15:20- Video Games>Homework 

15:35- Get your game description read and then get a controversy the 1 Geek 4:11 promise

18:15- Reviews are your friend when it comes to new games

18:30- Chris mixes up two common expression. Thanks new schedule...

19:30- Intentional Awkward Silence/Staring Contest

FuzzySpartan and N0PlanB on Twitch

21:35- Cameron mispronounces Developers

22:30- Great radio happens

22:55- Cameron then: "Check out these streamers I've watch play Overwatch" Cameron now: "Hey I've seen people play Overwatch

24:13- Chris Nicolay the Equalizer

27:00- We talk about how bannings work in a game we don't play

28:50- Chris tries to get you banned

32:05- Would you like the Marvel Games to be tied into the MCU? 

33:05- We tease a later topic instead of just saving it for later

33:25- Surprise Mass Effect! 

34:50- That Kingdom Hearts collection title though

35:50- Not enough money... 

40:10- Great radio again! 

42:40- Cameron cleary doesn't know how exchange rate works

46:00- Chris explains tech to Cameron like he is 5

47:20- Awkward Silence as Chris reads... We aren't perfect at hosting yet

51:20- Does anyone know how disabling taking screen shots affects streaming?

52:35- #Quality

54:00- Shots fired...

54:50- Cameron is really bad at reading...

58:15- A face to face MMO- Like real life?

59:25- Would you play a game based on the premise that people get trapped in the game on launch day?

66:45- Surprise you can tell some different stories with female protagonists

68:00- Please be inclusive of others...

68:45-"Movies/TV" Segment Starts after 2 serious discussion

72:00- Oscar talk coming once we get closer

72:45- Stephen Colbert on Whose Line for the record Chris didn't send it to me so I had to Google it #TheStruggle. Also excuse the one bad word

73:50- Zach Braff hype! 

76:00- RIP John Hurt

77:40- Did we just mess up your favorite series? Let us know! 

78:35- *Insert Political Meme*

82:21- "Moral" Stance

83:45- "He is a good name to have around the franchise that I won't watch"- Cameron 2017

84:15- Black Panther Hype Train

85:45- "Anime" Segment Starts

85:46-  Our first time returning to a new segment! 


86:19- Goku for MVP?

89:00- The hat is alive! We ask the real questions here

90:25- Cameron teases another segment

91:05- Shogi

96:00- "Something Witty" Segment Starts

96:10- Cameron gets called out about using puns. Pun talk ensues

96:50- Cameron goofs and drops a headphone

97:45- See money statements from around 34:00

99:00- Isn't all touch 3D touch because the world is 3D?

102:20- Now this is Podracing!

105:30- On the internet everyone is an expert

107:40- "Magic and other Tabletop games" segment starts

108:35- "If we are reading the article right" meaning there is a good chance we are completely wrong

110:30- Does anyone play the WWE game and want to explain why it is amazing to us?

112:00- Spoiler: Wrestling isn't real

113:30- Cameron: "I don't like the game... It's the core part of the game that I don't like"

117:00- New Aether Hub Art

119:35- Early "We are stupid"

120:00- Our Top Cards from Aether Revolt are in Ep 6 around 126:00

123:00- Chandra, Torch of Defiance preordered for ~$60 each and then dropped to ~$40 when it came out and is now ~$20


127:30- Pokemon Duel is a fun board game! 

129:15- Captain Con 2017 was great! More info in Ep 8! 

130:50- More Board Games less problems I always say

133:45- We still need segment names

133:55- "We are stupid" Starts

135:35- Audio quality seems better this episode! Thanks Pop Filter

137:30- "Feedback" starts

138:30- Got to be One Jump Ahead

140:00-What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?

140:25- Kingdomino cause you have dominoes and build a kingdom... I hate puns...

148:15- Whoops well he forgot to edit it out... surprise still not bleeped...

149:00- Spoiler we played Neverwinter together! We will talk about it next week! 

149:30- You do get XP for kills in Neverwinter

151:42- I love you

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