Episode 13: Final Fantasy 30th, Sleeping Beauty, 100ft Robot Golf

Segment Start Times:
1:30- Video Games
16:20- Movies/TV
18:05- Anime
25:00- Something Witty (Tech)
30:05- Magic and other Tabletop Games
42:35- We are stupid
N/A- Feedback (Please send us any feedback you have!)
44:05- Pax East 2017
45:25- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?


Detailed Notes:
0:14- Welcome Home #GeekyFaithful!

0:25- Wooo Chris is still visiting!

0:45- Check out the Pax Ep! 

0:50- Welcome new listeners from PAX! 

1:00- We still have some 1 Geek 4:11 buttons! 


1:30- Video Games Starts

1:40- Chris isn't a fan of goblins killing elves

2:25- Cameron gets confused cause we recorded Ep 12 on a different day

2:45- Star Trek Bridge Crew- you are on a bridge and you are a crew! 

3:20- Game description of the week starts

4:25- Game description of the week ends... 

5:35- Golf is only fun if you have Gundams 

Def not a Final Fantasy Game

Def not a Final Fantasy Game

6:10- Happy Birthday Final Fantasy! What is your favorite Final Fantasy? 

6:50- Shots fired Bravely Default 

7:45- New Shadow of War gameplay is so cool! 

9:00- You can buy Shadow of Mordor for $20

9:15- Cameron goofs but Chris corrects him

9:45- How does time work?

 11:00- Video Games don't make people more violent (At least in the short term)

13:10-Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Collectors edition was revealed at PAX


14:15- Chris and Cameron are really cute

14:45- Congrats Rocket League on selling 10.5 Million Sales! 

16:00- Sorry if we missed something

16:20- Movies Segment Starts

17:45- Scarlet Johansson Monologue

636217738283505369-1515048321_one pucnch man.jpg

18:05- Anime

20:45- Are we wrong about Baruto? Let us know!

21:40- Cameron actually watched Anime! 

23:05- Cameron is excited to mooch Crunchy Role for the Persona 4 Anime! 

24:10- Shout out to Brittany from Wild East Games (Careful headphone users)!


24:20- #TeamRise

25:00- Something Witty (Tech) segment starts 

25:45- English is hard 

26:00- A 3D printed house is possibly the most Millennial thing ever

27:20- Bought for only $15.3 

29:00- Who would have thought rushing manufacturing could go wrong...

30:05- Magic and other Tabletop Games Segment Starts

32:00- 2016 Golden Geek Awards

32:35- Cameron doesn't want to talk about Mary Kay

34:15- 5 Reasons Why Tabletop Gaming Is The Best Mid-Life Crisis You Can Have

37:00- No commander bans

41:25- New Duel Decks announced 

42:35- We are stupid

42:40- Thank you Justin for doing the research and correcting us! Friend him on PSN @Hurly27

44:05- Pax East 2017


44:30- Cameron's Switch Review: Joycons feel really small

45:25- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?

45:30- Surprise we have been up to PAX! 

46:57- I love you <3 

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