Episode 14: Mass Effect, Iron Fist, Ryzen 5

Segment Start Times:
4:20- Video Games
25:00- Movies/TV
40:45- Anime
46:30- Something Witty (Tech)
51:10- Magic and other Tabletop Games
N/A- We are stupid
1:00:55- Feedback (Please send us any feedback you have!)
1:02:35- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?

Detailed Notes:
0:14- Welcome Home #GeekyFaithful!

0:25- Cameron messes up the intro 

1:00- "Um Competition" instrustions

2:00- Cameron shares a story about how he isn't a good negotiator (and is kind of petty)

2:30- Shout out to the Subway challenge

4:00- Welcome New listeners!

4:20- Video Games Segment starts

5:45- Anyone interested in the Dark Souls 3 DLC

7:15- How IGN lists thing confuses us

8:10- Horizon spoilercast on the way! Eventually...

8:30- Silly reading of the week starts. This weeks game: Everything

9:55- A games "Playtime" isn't equal to that games "fun time"

10:15- Shout out to Joe

11:45- Congrats Nintendo in 1.5 Million Switches sold! #StapleatParties

14:05- We do our first Top 10 list! And mess it up... we goofed 

18:00- Cameron will talk about Super Mario Run next week

18:35- Kotaku article on depression we are talking about

21:30- What would you want in a Switch focused Pokemon game?

23:00- Anyone want to do research for us on Nintendo console/handheld sales based on when certain games come out? 


25:00- "Movies and TV" Starts

25:20- Cameron makes an inside joke

26:00- Do you have a favorite Defender? 

28:00- We struggle to get to "Oliver Queen"

30:30- Chris edits stuff out so we don't break our contract on only reading one description

31:15- Amazon Pilot Season- Check them out and vote for what you like! 

37:00- Life as Venom Origin Story

38:45- Poor Aquaman getting delayed

40:45- "Anime" Starts

42:25- "Hardcore Risette Fan" is the struggle if you don't luck into it like Cameron did

44:00- Top ranking winter 2017 anime

46:30- "Something Witty" Starts

47:00- New Rysen 5 series

47:25- Chris explains tech to Cameron

51:10- Magic and other Tabletop Games starts

52:25- Amonkhet Leak

54:00- New Monopoly Pieces 

54:10- RIP #TeamTurtle

54:45- Are you fan of the thimble? 

55:30- Review of Sellswords by Lvl99 Games

55:45- Cameron goofs on English

56:00- Basic description of Sellswords' mechanics

59:30- Fun drafting, new characters each round, no round is ever the same. Overall a good game

1:00:40- No "We are Stupid" this week

1:00:55- "Feedback" Starts

1:01:00- Shout out to Brandon for feedback!

1:02:35- "What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?" Starts

1:03:00- Shout out to the RI board game group

1:04:00- Horizon is still being played and still being awesome! 

1:04:45- "Focus" is what Cameron is thinking off

1:05:20- Zootopia is so good!

1:05:55- Chris starting Crazy Love with his church group

1:07:35- Shout out to "Jesus for the Win" and Gamechurch

1:09:45- Chris will start streaming a pacifist run of Undertale on March 29th at 7 PM Mountain time

1:10:19- I love you

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