Episode 11: Horizon, Switch, Ryzen, PAX!!!

Segment Start Times:
2:16- Video Games
34:35- Movies/TV
54:20- Anime
56:45- Something Witty (Tech)
1:05:35- Magic and other Tabletop Games
1:12:00- We are stupid
1:13:25- Feedback (Please send us any feedback you have!)
1:16:35- #NewSegment Pax East 2017
1:39:10- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?

Detailed Notes:
0:14- Welcome Home!

0:16- #WhisperCast2017

0:50- We love you enough to struggle bus through this ep <3

1:50- Special announcement at the end of the ep!!!!!!!! Build the Hype!

2:16- Games Segment Starts

2:30- Horizon is so good!!!!

2:45- Cameron tried to find the trailer Chris is talking about but no luck... 

3:20- "Not Dinosaurs" 

4:00- Stay in school kids

4:05- 1st awkward silence

The Nintendo Switch will be a Staple at Parties
— Nintendo

4:20- Cameron tries to make a joke that goes over Chris' head



5:40- Legend of Zelda? Never heard of it!

5:50- We get details on Cameron's Nintendo Rant

7:00- SIDEBAR!!!!!!! Pokemon Star coming to Switch??!?!?!?!!??!?!!?!?!1

9:05- Chris is planning to get Zelda, Shovel Knight, and Snipper Clips if he gets it at launch

10:30- Cameron says he will "snap buy" a Fire Emblem bundle Nintendo Switch if Fire Emblem is good. We will see...

Project Prelude Rune

Project Prelude Rune

11:55- Let us know if you are getting a Nintendo Switch and what games you are getting! 

12:45- Thanks FuzzySpartan

14:00- The Link Cameron is talking about

15:00- Way to go Nintendo! Games are already to big! 

17:15- Thanks PS Vita for crazy expensive memory cards... 

19:30- Cameron uses the "staple at parties" argument to pretend he knows how games work

22:45- The article  by Paul Tassi we are talking about

24:35- We pretend to know how the game industry works... again... 

26:15- Cameron teases something for feedback

28:00- Lord of the Rings talk 

29:50- Calling it you die at the end of Middle Earth: Shadows of War

30:30- Check out the Humble bundle!

32:50- Tease for next week! 

33:05- GTA V topped 75 million units sold

34:35- "Movies and TV" segment starts

35:05- Cameron and Christ set up a Bro Date

35:30- "What's a Rogue One?"

38:10- Hillsong United Heaven Knows 

39:40- Chris tries to make a joke that goes over Cameron's head (and Cam has a tiny heart attack)

40:45- Get Out is getting really good reviews!

44:55- THEY GOOFED SO BIG!!!! You can check out the winners here.

47:05- Zootopia HYPE!!! 

51:15- Check out the White Helmets on Netflix

51:35- Chris lies to you

51:50- Hugh Jackman might have stayed as Wolverine if he was in the MCU :( 

53:45- When Jennifer Lawrence fell in 2013 is who Cameron was thinking of. Bradley Cooper also went to help

54:20- Anime Segment Starts

56:45- "Something Witty" Segment Starts

57:40- Cameron tries to guess a tech acronym... He gets 2/3

1:00:55- "Always up for less money" -Cameron 2017

1:02:30- Contact Chris on Twitter if you want him to explain tech to you in 140 characters

1:05:35 Magic and other Tabletop Games Segment Starts

1:05:50- Modern Masters 3 Spoilers finished after we record

1:08:10- Chris played a 3 hour Commander game with 10 people that didn't even finish... Kids don't try this at home

1:10:15- "You've got to play the game"- Cameron 2017 

1:10:45- Shout out to Chris for winning with the PreCon! He was using the "Stalwart Unity" deck

1:11:00- Unfair about to be shippeed out

1:12:00- We are Stupid segment starts

1:13:25- Feedback segment starts

1:14:35- Thanks Justin for the feedback on wanting a Horizon Zero Dawn Spoilercast! We will eventually do that! 

1:16:35- #NewSegment Pax East 2017

1:17:30- Be sure to be following us during PAX East the weekend of the March 10th-12th

1:19:00- Panels Chris and Cameron are looking forward to:
Cameron: "Mass Effect Panel", "Towerfall Ascension Tourney", "The Power of Small Community", "The Audacity of #HYPE IV: Social Media on Blast", "Telltale Games: Interactive Storytelling in 2017
Chris: "Please Don't Punch the GM", "Cards vs Psychology", "Inner Demons: Anxiety and Depression in Gamers", "Diversity in Gaming: How to Make Characters for Everyone"

1:19:50- Shout out to The Glass Cannon and Critical Role

1:27:40- Chris didn't get the name of the pastor to me... 

1:31:00- Adam Savage: My Love Letter to Cosplay

1:32:40- Eve Online History Lecture is our silly description of the week

1:36:00- Eve Online battle in 2014 that was between $300,000-$500,000. Another one occurred in 2016   

1:38:35- Check out Chris' Stream starting after PAX! 

1:39:10- "What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?" Segment Starts

1:40:45- Would you be interested if we did a blog on the website?

1:45:30- Retweet with #GeekyFaithful for a chance to win "Civ 4: The Complete Edition" or "Civ 5"! 

1:47:38- I love you

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