Episode 15: MLB, Batman, Whitewashing Deathnote, Balor NOT Baler!

Segment Start Times:
1:45- Video Games
27:15- Movies/TV
37:35- Anime
44:45- Something Witty (Tech)
49:45- Magic and other Tabletop Games
N/A- We are stupid
N/A- Feedback (Please send us any feedback you have!)
56:40- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?

Detailed Notes:
0:14- Welcome Home #GeekyFaithful!

0:45- Perfect episode with no "Um's" last week! 

1:00- Cameron "tricks" Chris with the rules on the "Um Competition"

1:45-Video Games Starts

2:15- Kingdom Hearts feels like Kingdom Hearts

2:45- Cameron takes the stand that Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is the best game in the series

3:15- How dumb is it that Kingdom hearts games are one like every platform?

5:00- Sidetracked to ultimate talk. Shout out to Nashville Nightwatch

5:45- Cameron and Chris bash baseball

8:35- Shout out to the Dice Tower Podcast

10:55- Reading of the week: Punch Club

14:30- Starcraft remaster on the way

27:15- Movies and TV starts

28:45- Shout out to Iron Fist and the Defenders on the way

31:00- Don't call adult women girls

34:00- Cameron misses a joke 

34:45- Can we stop trailers that hype trailers?

35:55- Money: The best super power in the world

37:35- Anime starts

38:00- Controversy over people upset that L in Death Note is a black man and it took to long for people to get upset about whitewashing

41:50- If you don't like something don't watch it



44:45- Something Witty (Tech) Starts

45:20- Samsung Note7s back for sale! Hopefully these aren't also bombs...

47:45- Solar shingles coming in April!!

49:45- Magic the Gathering and other Table Top Games

50:00- Amonkhet spoilers

51:25- Slight correction on Cameron: we have see the "Planeswalker Deck" planeswalkers but not the in the set ones

52:25- Chris has been playing a ton of Modern Masters 2017! Opening expensive cardboard! 

54:00- 1vs1 Commander Leagues coming to MTGO

55:25- No Corrections or Feedback

56:40- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?

56:50- Shout out to Savaged Balor (bAH-lore)Check out his play-through of Final Fantasy 15 then you can catch our spoilercast!

58:00- Cameron trying to keep spoilers out of the normal show

58:40- Cameron gets in some Phoenix Covenant and their Discord!

1:01:15- Cameron has awful like at Fire Emblem Heroes

1:02:25- Chris tries to decided between Nier and Nioh

1:02:45- Living Buddha Living Christ

1:03:55- Owning Faith

1:06:55- I love you

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