Episode 18: Battlefront 2, Star Wars Celebration, Amonkhet

Segment Start Times:
2:20- Video Games
17:55- Movies/TV
53:30- Anime
56:30- Something Witty (Tech)
1:01:30- Magic and other Tabletop Games
N/A- We are stupid
1:16:50- Feedback (Please send us any feedback you have!)
1:17:50- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?

Detailed Notes:
0:14- Welcome Home #GeekyFaithful!

0:45- Forced segue is forced...

1:15- Check out the Movie/TV segment for our interview with Deanna about Star Wars Celebration

1:35- Shout out to Colby and Tiffany on getting married!

2:20- Video Games Starts


2:30- Guardians of the Galaxy video game doesn't have Chris Pratt... 

5:20- Dat Blasma Pistol...

7:15- No Knights of the Old Republic remake :'( 

8:40- That Second Battlefront 1! Cameron is excited for the story in Battlefront 2!


10:45- Uncharted: Lost Legacy coming so soon! 

12:30- No more Nintendo Classic :( What will we do without those short cables!?

14:20- Way to go Breath of the Wild?

16:15- #StapleatParties!!!!!

17:55- Movies and TV starts

18:00- We really want flip-books!

20:00- The Spiritual Truths of Better Call Saul Relevant Article 

23:00- Cameron has a really solid evaluation of the Sense8 Trailer...

24:30- Let us know your Rey's parents theories

25:15- Interview with Deanna starts!

28:30- Do you remember watching the Star Wars movies for the first time?


30:10- "I guess I could start with meeting Mark Hamill"- Deanna 2017 NO BIG DEAL!

32:15- That nerd out

32:45- Shout out to Kevin

35:15- Chris is really good at queuing also

39:15- Shout out to Church Camp

39:45- Check out the Panels

44:25 Check out Princess Deanna Cosplay, find her on twitter, and Nerd Alert Customs

45:40- Almost to talk about the trailer!?!?! Way to go Cameron! 

50:00- Oh we have time for stories!!!!

51:25- Sara is the real MVP! 

53:10- Thank you Deanna for stopping in! 

53:30- Anime Starts

53:40- Love Rice is like the most Japanese things ever... 

56:30- Something Witty (Tech) Starts

56:40- AIM is 20 years old!?!?!?!


58:05- Those Dial up sounds though

59:00- Light L16 looks crazy!

1:00:20- Cameron messes up camera terms and Chris has to ELI5

1:01:30- Magic and other Tabletop Games Starts

1:01:45- Time is confusing...

1:03:05- Cameron and Chris' Top 3 cards from Amonkhet 

1:14:30- Automata NoirCheck out Cameron's review in episode 5 around 1:28:45

1:16:50- Feedback Starts 

1:17:05- Thanks Hurly27 for the feedback

1:17:50- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too? Starts

1:18:15- Chris is so far into Persona 4 Golden and Cameron is chugging through Persona 5. 

1:20:40- Drawn to Death and Rocket League on Savaged Balor's channel! 

1:22:50- Ah the Persona 4 Golden anime goes along with the game! 

1:24:20- Cameron watched "Days and Future Past" and played "San ni ichi" at the wedding. 

1:26:05- I love you

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