Episode 16: New Month, New Games, MTG Amonkhet

Segment Start Times:
1:00- Video Games
16:30- Movies/TV
25:00- Anime
26:50- Something Witty (Tech)
32:55- Magic and other Tabletop Games
N/A- We are stupid
N/A- Feedback (Please send us any feedback you have!)
50:40- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?

Detailed Notes:
0:14- Welcome Home #GeekyFaithful!

0:40- Cameron and Chris live in very different worlds

0:50- We finally figure out how time zones work 

1:00- Video Games Segment Starts


1:35- Persona 5 HYPE!!!!

2:00- Valkyria Chronicles is BAE

2:40- Cameron insults your childhood...

3:20- Check out our Drawn to Death stream Hosted by Savaged Balor

4:35- Cameron's phone goes off like a noob... can you name that ringtone?


4:45- Borderlands talk <3 

5:20- Borderlands 3 Pls

5:35- Poor Battleborn

6:35- Cameron means "Everyone's gone to the Rapture" and "The Witness" not what he says...

7:40- Did you hear about Pluto? 

9:10- Space is hard...

9:30- Scale model of the solar system

10:25- Awkward Silence

11:00- Poor TungstenPhoenix

13:10- Hyped for the FF14 trial changes! 

14:00- Its a new month!

14:30- New Games with Gold games and PS+ games! 

15:45- Anyone happen to have 2 tickets to E3? We would gladly take them off your hands! 

16:30- Movies and TV starts

17:10- Chris is really wants to see "Your Name" and the movie is only 10 min from Cameron

21:00- Batgirl HYPE!

22:35- Lets us know about the DC Extended Universe

23:00- New Spiderman Homecoming trouble looks good!

23:50- Boss Baby destroys the box office with about $50 mill 

25:00- Anime Starts

25:30- Get Crunchyrole and check out My Hero Academia! 

25:50- Having trouble multitasking? Just learn another language! 

26:50- Something Witty (Tech) Starts

27:30- Bloatware is the worst...

28:50- Hope you aren't color blind like Chris...

30:00- How often do you use 2 pairs of headphones? Or do you find yourself wanting too?

30:40- Shots fired Apple

32:00- DDR5 standards hopefully finalized next year! 

32:55- Magic and other Tabletop Games Starts

33:15- Big Amonkhet stuff starts!

35:20- Cameron has made his stance on puns well known but has got to respect a good pun when he hears it

35:55- Amonkhet Spotlight Videos

36:10- Infect hate

37:05- Egyptian themed gods seems really interesting

37:30- Technical Magic the Gathering talk

39:15- Emperor Crocodile is from Urza's Destiny which is 1999

42:15- Still not a fan of the aftermath card design but the the cards seem cool...

43:40- Masterpieces show up at a rate of 1 out of every 144 packs

44:25- Invocations are really hard to read... Hazoret definitively doesn't say "Pervert"...

48:20- GAMA stands for "The Game Manufacturers Association"

48:30- Dice Tower Gama Interviews

50:20- Would you like us to do a "Let us know Segment"


50:40- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?

51:10- Would you like Chris to narrate in silly voices?

51:35- Sorry for the audio problems but check out the Rocket League video! 

52:25- Valkyria Revolution coming to the US!

55:30- We finally both have our Horizon Plats so spoiler cast hopefully next week?

56:15- Merrideth is on thin ice! And is Chris' favorite person he hasn't met

59:55- Cameron struggles with emotes on the PS4... 

1:00:25- Chris calls out Cameron for not having a keyboard

1:01:25- 13 Reasons Why is a new show on Netflix 


1:04:00- Let us know what you are playing and what we should be!

1:04:20- Thank you invocations for being bad and giving something to talk about

1:06:36- I love you

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