Episode 22: Welcome Deanna!

1:25- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?
25:15- Video Games
34:25- Movies/TV
49:35- Anime
53:35- Something Witty (Tech)
57:05- Magic and other Tabletop Games
1:00:00- We are stupid
1:03:40- Feedback (Please send us any feedback you have!)

Detailed Notes:
0:14- Welcome Home #GeekyFaithful!

0:30- Bromance is real

0:40- Welcome Deanna! The Hufflepuff of Podcasting!

1:00- "HUFFLEPUFF!!!" 

1:25- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?

1:50- Shout out to Comicpalooza in Houston!

2:50- Deanna confused Chris

3:15- Deanna: "The other girls pulled off being men really well" Cameron: "Pulled off is a loose term"

3:50- #CosplayTalkwithDeanna

5:15- "Every house is important"... Are they though?

6:15- A Very Potter Musical by Team StarKid

8:30- Congrats to Deanna and the friends for winning "Best in Show" <-- Link the skit on Last Dance Cosplay

10:55- Deanna tries to be suave?

12:10- Welcome to Hogwarts where the points are made up and the score doesn't matter 

13:15- Intentional Pause is Intentional

13:50- Who would you cosplay as for finals at school?

14:15- Deanna's soul gets crushed

16:40- Great radio happens 

18:45- Deanna makes us double back heal her soul

19:20- Sarcastic Chris is best Chris

20:05- Check out Marvel 1602

21:45- Cameron plays Civ 5 till 5AM... Mistakes were made

22:30- Skylands= Sky + Island

23:10- "Still love you Braedan... still get wrecked"

24:15- Schrodinger's Abstract? 

24:35- You can hear Cameron in "Episode 5: Genesis 2:2-2:14" of Walk in Obedience hosted by FuzzySpartan

25:15- Video Games

26:30- Get distracted to Wonder Woman

27:05- Mayan Death Robots is the silly description of the week

29:15- Congrats for reinventing the Artillery Genre!

29:45- Gameplay reveal of Destiny 2 

30:15- Forced Joke if Forced

31:30- PS Vita  2 announced at E3? How do y'all feel about that?

32:05- Sega is reviving their old IP's!!! Which IP do you want brought back by 2020?

34:25- Movies/TV

35:05- Cameron has never watched an Aliens movie cause scary

35:30- Deanna thinks ET is scarier than Aliens cause he has "creepy eyes" 

36:45- Edge of Tomorrow was pretty good...

37:25- "Live Die Repeat and Repeat" coming eventually?

38:45- Deanna's favorite Tom Cruise movie is Legend. Is it actually good?

40:00- "Sorry about that tangent"- we live for the tangent

40:15- Deadpool TV show on the way

41:35- Heineken Beer commercial "Worlds Apart"

42:45- SNL sketch on the Pepsi commercial

44:30- "Geeks are alone together. Nerds are just alone"

46:55- Why Transformers?

48:05- Transformers are just bad Doctor Who?

49:35- Anime

49:50- Royal Tutor is the Anime of the Week

51:20- President Bush was confused by buying groceries. Cameron looked it up after all...

52:50- BLAME! come to Netflix on the 19th 

53:35- Something Witty (Tech)

53:40- Chris explains the RansomWare attacks

57:05- Magic and other Tabletop Games

58:10- Pro Tour Amonkhet videos are not on YouTube

58:50- Panda Game Manufacturing

59:40- Check of our interview with Adam co-designer of PCov

1:00:00- We are stupid

1:00:10- Thank you for contacting us through the PlayStation Community with the correction on Battlefield vs Battlefront Ian!

1:01:00- FPS's are really just all the same...

1:03:40- Feedback (Please send us any feedback you have!)

1:03:45- Thank you Linus for letting us know about the 2DS through Twitter! 

1:05:30- I love you! 

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