Episode 26: MTG MMO and Wonderwoman Spoilercast

2:35- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?
25:05- Video Games
40:25- Movies/TV
50:50- #NEWSEGMENT Obscure Movie of the Week
53:35- Anime
56:20- Something Witty (Tech)
57:40- Magic and other Tabletop Games
1:02:55- We are stupid
1:03:15- Feedback (Please send us any feedback you have!)
1:05:45- Wonder Woman Spoilercast Starts

Detailed Notes:
0:14- Welcome Home #GeekyFaithful!

0:55- Sarcastic Chris is best Chris

2:35- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?

2:45- Little Rascals "Talk"

3:15- Deanna Shares what she has been up too

3:55- "Is what I watched real life?"

4:55- Cameron needs to stop telling everyone movies he hasn't seen

5:45- Wonder Woman Spoilercast at the end of the show!

6:15- Alamo Drafthouse is being sued over female only showing of Wonder Woman

6:40- It takes Deanna 2 hours to change clothes to cosplay!?!?!

9:55- Chris shares what he has been up too

11:00- Classic federal government...

12:30- How to technology in movies with Chris

14:30- What is your "movie logic" pet peeve? 

17:05- Mortal Kombat is a 90's period piece

18:00- "Hurray"... 

18:45- Chris tries to say nice things about Pirates of the Caribbean 5...

21:05- Cameron shares what he has been up too

22:45- You can find a .pdf of the Unfair board game rule book here! It has jokes! 

23:15- "Brief" Spoilercast

24:45- Sorry you didn't get to be there for off-air story time

25:05- Video Games

25:10- Cars 3 coming to literally everything

27:25- Have you played ARMS? If so let us know what you think!

27:40- When Chris's voice goes high you know awesome things are going to happen

29:00- Pro Cycling Manager 2017- Tour de France is the silly game of the week

30:35- Just kidding couldn't find it


32:55- Sidebar: Don't target hospitals

33:00- Sidebar 2: "Power-line fire" knocked out the power the the local hospital

33:45- Sidebar 3: A squirrel knocked out half the power in Helena

34:05- Sidebar 4: Chris missed tickets for PAX West :( 

35:15- We need a ton of listeners so we can be counted as press! #BRINGCHRISTOPAX

36:25- Cameron isn't happy about the timing of the newest Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer

37:30- #CameronRant

37:55- Kingdom Hearts 1 was released in the US in 2002. Cameron actually got this right?

39:45- Check out the special E3 episode going up soon!

40:25- Movies/TV

41:40- On movie reviews from the person that was hyped about Pirates 5, "I'm on of those people that if I'm not sure about it I'll wait to see what people say" 

43:05- Just a plain nightmare

43:45- Chris forgets to put that the Mummy did well in the show notes and surprises everyone else

45:40- Cameron continues to bash Legend

45:45- Nathan Fillion cast in "A Series of Unfortunate Events"

45:50- "WHA???"

47:25- Cameron about to leave r/sense8... We get it the show is cancelled you can stop posting about it!

50:05- All the Chrises have extended their contracts with Marvel by 1 movie

50:50- #NEWSEGMENT Obscure Movie of the Week: Real Genius from 1985!  You can find it on Hulu! If you watch it let us know what you think!

50:55- Insert Tina groaning here... 

52:35- ANIMAL HOUSE!!!

52:50- Justin is on thin ice...

53:35- Anime

54:10- Crunchy Role is sharing the first 3 episodes of "The Ancient Magus Bride" at Anime Expo in July!

56:20- Something Witty (Tech)

57:30- Xbox 1 X is the real name of the Scorpio!

57:40- Magic and other Tabletop Games

57:45- MTG MMO coming from the developers of Neverwinter

1:00:00- Playing it all the time unless it is awful

1:01:15- Congratulation to Critical Role on hitting 100 episodes! ~400 hours of content

1:02:55- We are stupid

1:03:00- Minor correction on Corsair info from last week

1:03:15- Feedback (Please send us any feedback you have!)

1:03:35- Justin left us feedback on ESO: Morrowind! Thanks!

1:04:55- No announcement nothing to see here!

1:05:45- Wonder Woman Spoilercast starts! As always there are no show-notes for this segment to avoid spoilers for people that are just on the website

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