Special: E3 2017

1:41:30- Conference wrap up starts

Detailed Notes:
0:14- Welcome Home #GeekyFaithful!


0:45- Sorry about the audio issue with Gary... The intern responsible for it has been sacked

3:00- EA Starts

3:05- Nope not in order...

3:30- "Madden 2018: High School in Texas Simulator"

4:45- Any sports game fans want to chime in and let us know how often they have significant updates?

5:35- Star Wars Battlefront! 

6:55- Would you like to buy Deanna a console let us know!

8:35- Shout out to random guy hanging out in our room by himself playing Need for Speed

9:30- Anthem will hopefully be what they show!

12:00- Coop Prison Break Game? A Way Out seems really unique!

14:35- Bethesda starts

17:00- Skyrim coming to a toaster near you!

19:15- Chris is "The Equalizer" in competitive games

20:00- Chris ruins Cameron's plan to get free stuff


assassins creed origins.png

22:25- Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle a 10/10 or 1/10...

24:30- $800 Edition of Assassin's Creed Origins on the way!

25:35- Why even play the game if you don't get a real eagle?

26:05- Would also accept it if it came with official cosplay

29:00- Just Dance 2018 on the way!!!

30:00- Your TV is watching you play Just Dance!

30:15- Let us know if you want Deanna to post a Just Dance 2018 lets play!


31:55- Has South Park ever gone to far before?


33:50- Chris Nioh stream on the way

34:20- Starlink is a space theme toys to life game?

38:40- Skull and Bones looks so good!

39:30- Here on the internet!

42:35- There is a Beyond Good and Evil remaster on PS3 and Xbox 360 btw

43:30- Microsoft starts

45:20- But Teraflops!

48:15- More Dragon Ball!

50:55- Forza now with more cars!

52:25- Cameron goofs and is talking about a different game. Life is Strange is a yes!

55:50- How long do you think you would last in a zombie apocalypse 

56:55- Bless you

58:45- State of Decay is the "hard no" from Cameron

59:25- Basically if we just googled it and edited out the blank space we would solve 99% of our problems

1:00:45- Days Gone is the one that we are talking about with the bear

1:02:15- What does the fox say?

1:03:30- Sony starts

1:05:10- Horizon DLC hype!

1:06:10- Don't gamble kids

1:08:30- Days Gone looks better than last time at least

1:09:45- Do people in scifi media not have other scifi stuff telling them they are being dumb

1:11:00- Deanna firing shots 

1:12:15- Chris teases something for next week!

1:13:20- #Cameronwasright

1:14:30- Shadow of the Colossus Remaking coming out of no where

1:16:30- Gran Turismo Sport now with more cars

1:17:40- Spiderman looks amazing!

1:19:00- Undertale coming to PS4 and Vita!

1:20:55- Deanna knows the things!

1:21:15- Knack 2 coming to PS4!! Game of the Show anyone?

1:22:45- Playlink hype!

1:25:15- Stay tuned for Playlink Let's Plays!

1:26:50- Just what FF15 needed a fishing game!

1:29:15- How much time do you need to dedicate to zombie games? Enough to beat The Last of Us!

1:29:40- Nintendo starts

1:30:05- Nintendo 2017 more than just Zelda!

1:31:45- Is revealing the title of a game enough to win E3?

1:33:20- Breath of the Wild DLC on the way!

1:36:50- The hat is alive! Mario possess things through the hat? Any game theories on this?

1:38:10- The crown has eyes! #Deannawasright

1:39:10- Here is an article on Rocket League not being cross platform on PS4

1:41:30- Conference wrap up starts

1:42:20- Who do you think won E3?
Gary- Sony or Ubisoft
Chris- Ubisoft
Cameron- Sony or Ubisoft
Deanna- Unclear?

1:43:50- The truth comes out!

1:47:15- Must be really rough to not hear cheering after showing your game...

1:48:40- Moss or Super Lucky's Tale?

We lost Gary's audio in here somewhere sorry!

1:49:25- Deanna answers a different question

1:49:55- Sea of Thieves or Skull and Bones?

1:51:05- What was your Game of the Show?
Deanna- Battlefront or Ori
Chris- Metroid Prime 4?
Cameron- Anthem. Runner ups: Spiderman and Mario and Rabbids

1:51:55- Please send us your Metroid Prime Flipbooks!

1:53:15- Worst Game of the Show?
Cameron- Metroid Prime 4
Gary- Detroit
Chris- Madden 18
Deanna- Madden 18

1:52:30- Chris can't give an EA game Game of the Show but can give a Nintendo game, which we only got the title of? Added to the long-fabled Nintendo Rant!

1:53:40- Chris jokes to delete Gary's audio then we lost it...

1:55:50- #forthesubs

1:56:15- *insert embarrassing picture of Deanna here*

1:57:15- What is the worst case scenario! 

1:57:45- That awkward silence though

1:59:05- We originally planned on this only being 15 min...

2:00:35- I love you

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