Episode 27: Persona 5 isn't a dating guide...

1:55- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?
18:30- Video Games
40:25- Movies/TV
50:45- #NEWSEGMENT Obscure Movie of the Week
56:00- Anime
58:00- Something Witty (Tech)
58:05- Magic and other Tabletop Games
1:19:15- We are stupid
1:19:50- Feedback (Please send us any feedback you have!)

Detailed Notes:
0:14- Welcome Home #GeekyFaithful!

0:30- #GuyLove

0:50- Deanna struggled off air with starting the show off air...

1`:30- Send us your intro scripts for Deanna

1:55- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?

1:55- Cameron Shares

2:00- Cameron has beat Persona 5! 

2:30- Check out Savaged Gary's video of us playing Marvel Heroes Omega on PS4!

3:30- Just kidding Cameron was playing Daredevil 

4:00- Check out Black Panther and Ready Player 1

5:00- Deanna shares

5:15- She has finished Darth Plagueis!


6:45- Something Rotten is hilarious!

8:45- Songs about the Black Death seems in poor taste

9:25- You heard her! 

10:25- Chris shares

10:40- Chris sees another bad movie 

11:45- Minor spoilers for The Mummy

11:55- League of Extraordinary Gentlemen reboot please!

13:15- Chris is watching Still Star Crossed on Hulu

14:05- Chris has started Persona 5!

15:05- Persona really teaches you to date someone by never spending time with them...

16:05- Deanna explains dating to the guys

17:55- Captain Marvel comes out March 8, 2019. 

18:25- Let us know what you have been up to!

18:30- Video Games

18:40- Dungeon Defenders 2 drops! 

19:15- #TheStruggle

19:55- Nex Machina from Housemarque looks amazing too!

20:42- Check out Dead by Daylight if you like scary games and aren't a wuss like Cameron

21:30- ArmorClass10 is who Chris and  Cameron are talking about

22:10- Runbow Pocket is the silly game off the week!

24:20- Dat colour mechanic though

24:55- More Horizon content sounds great! 

28:20- We talk about IGN's E3 Awards

29:10- We discuss philosophical differences on what makes E3 great

31:30- Take that Gary! We don't need your wrong opinions!

32:30- Mario and Rabbids hype

34:15- Beyond Good and Evil 2 was a huge surprise 

35:25- Put on your tinfoil hats listeners

36:20- The theory goes deeper!

39:30- Check out the E3 cast! 

40:15- Great job with editing the E3 cast Chris! 

40:25- Movies/TV

40:50- Are you tired of Transformers movies also?

43:30- Support Ben Stiller Foundation for kids who can't read good!

46:00- Listeners do you want us to compete in the Dodgeball reunion

46:35- Here is a link to the Joss Whedon Script

48:00- Sony the easy solution is just give Spiderman back to Marvel Studios... 

49:50- Star Trek: Discovery is finally coming September 24th!

Real Genius is actually a decent movie
— Cameron 2017

50:45- Obscure Movie of the Week

51:45- "Gems"...

fooly Cooly.jpg

52:00- Real Genius was last weeks Obscure movie

53:30- Don't like bad movies? Don't watch them in the first place!

54:30- Willow is this weeks Obscure Movie of the Week

55:45- Totally legal version of Willow on Youtube

56:00- Anime

56:15- Fooly Cooly news coming at Anime Expo! 

58:00- Something Witty (Tech)

58:05- Magic and other Tabletop Games

58:10- Crazy Announcements for MTG!

59:30- Cameron is legally obligated to buy the Merfolk vs Goblin Duel Deck

1:01:30- Explorers of Ixalan sound cool

1:02:15- Chris doesn't listen to Cameron

1:02:20- Are you excited for a return to Dominaria

1:03:20- Denimwalk OP

1:05:20- Hour of Devastation spoilers

1:05:35- Couldn't find the alters sorry

1:11:25- Cat Tribal Hype

1:12:00- Board Gaming News

1:12:15- Cameron calls out 2017 Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design Awards for their weird catagories

1:14:00- Do you want a 1 Geek 4:11 awards show?

1:14:20- Check out the the board games "step ladders" by Meeple Mountain

1:15:40- Here is one of The Dice Towers videos from Origins there are more on their channel!

1:16:00- Are you interested in the Hasbro subscription create?

1:18:00- We are hesitent about the Hasbro crate 

1:18:15- Board Game Bento is another board game sub crate

1:19:15- We are stupid

1:19:50- Feedback (Please send us any feedback you have!)

1:20:00- What do you think is the best video game movie?

1:21:35- According to Metacritic Justin is right

1:22:50- Hypothetically we see the emails of those who leave comments

1:23:55- Deanna is now @Deanna790

1:24:04- I love you

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