Episode 28: Deanna Hosts and Our First HP Experience

1:15- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?
32:55- Video Games
55:05- Movies/TV
1:07:40- Must See Movie of the Week
1:12:30- Anime
1:16:30- Something Witty (Tech)
1:22:15- Magic and other Tabletop Games
1:27:55- We are stupid
1:29:15- Feedback (Please send us any feedback you have!)

Detailed Notes:
0:14- Welcome Home #GeekyFaithful!

0:15- Deanna hosts her first show!

0:45- Send in you nickname ideas for Cameron!

1:15- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?

1:20- Chris shares

1:40- If you are an adult check out GLOW! 

3:45- Cameron has been hurt before

4:00- Star Trek talk! 

5:30- Chris confuses Deanna and Cameron

6:15- Shots fired Twilight fans

6:40- #HatetheSinLovetheSinner

7:50- Marvel Heroes Omega has a pretty meh story

8:35- Know your weaknesses... as in if you are bad at games

9:30- Chris refuses to voice act

9:50- We need you listeners!!! <3 

10:15- Cameron Shares 

10:20- Cameron is wrecking Chris at grinding Marvel Heroes Omega

11:50- Cisco is who Cameron is struggling to name


13:00- Great radio occurs 

13:30- Rhode Iland (board games) talk

14:00- New York Slice and and Superfight were a ton of fun

14:45- Deanna shares

15:00- Deanna is an awful Sherlock fan

16:10- Cameron refuses to watch the Hobbit Movies

16:35- Deanna is rude to Harry Potter... 

16:50- Is Harry to whiny in Order of the Phoenix?

17:50- Chris read Order of the Phoenix in 36 hours! 

18:50- Harry Potter and the Adults Who Have No Clue How to Treat Kids

20:00- Minor HP spoilers

20:35- Happy 20th anniversary Harry Potter! 

21:35- We share our first experiences with Harry Potter. What was your first experience with Harry Potter?

24:20- Deanna's the Host now!

 25:50- Chris makes Deanna's story better! 

26:15- Pokemon hype! 

27:05- Classic Deanna's dad

28:05- Cameron is really hung up on how wizards don't have magical pens

28:55- How is Hermione so well adjusted to the Wizarding World?

31:25- Does Harry not have any blood realatives?

32:10- Do you want a Harry Potter Special

32:55- Video Games

33:10- NOW SEGMENTS! #BlameCameron

33:35- Big Releases this Week: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Triolgy, FFXV: Episode Prompto, Valkyria Revoluction

36:15- Chris commands you to play Valkyria Chronicles

37:00- Clearly we didn't prep

37:55- Agony is the Silly Game Description of the Week. We get to it eventually... and it might be out

38:15- You heard her Listeners! Deanna clearly threatens Cameron and Chris!

40:00- Deanna tells us about the future of Sega

41:30- SNES Classic is on the way for 79.99 with 21 games!

43:00- Chris tries to sell you on the SNES Classic

44:00- Chris was hurt before

46:15- NES Classic had 30 games

48:15- That awkward silence though

49:00- #Chrisisntoverit

49:05- What is even happening?

50:00- Persona 5: How to be slightly more self sufficient than everyone else... and a slimy guy...

51:55- We are clearly not well researched

53:25- Beyond Good and Evil 2 is making a lot of promises we've heard before

54:25- Always be hesitate about pre-orders

55:05- Movies/TV

55:10- Big movies coming out this week: Despicable Me 3, Baby Driver, The House

56:15- What would be the first thing that would go wrong if you had an army of minions?

56:50- Random Science with Chris

57:25- Cameron is actually sad there isn't a pun?

59:15- The guys are blind!

1:00:25- #DeannaisIgnorant

1:00:35- Deanna calls Cameron the wrong name! 

1:01:30- Possible Watchman series in the works!

Might have bad words didn't watch it...

1:04:40- Star Wars lost directors because it was too funny? 

1:06:30- Cameron tries to get out of seeing the Must See Movie of the Week...

1:07:40- Must See Movie of the Week

1:07:50- Deanna segue ways like a boss

1:08:15- Willow, basically Lord of the Rings except in you got rid of the ring and added a baby and it wasn't as good

1:08:30- Can we talk about how Chris is flossing?

1:09:30- What is up with the baby? 

1:10:40- Reign of Fire is this weeks Must See Movie of the Week

1:12:30- Anime

re creators.jpg

1:13:15- Chris shares about Re: Creators

1:15:05- Chris says "Shokugeki No Soma" like a boss!!!!

1:16:30- Something Witty (Tech)

1:16:35- Cameron throws shade

1:17:00- Do we really need a Bluetooth fidget spinner?

1:20:05- iOS 11 link that Chris forgot to get to Cameron

1:18:25- #ThanksMagnets! 

1:22:15- Magic and other Tabletop Games

1:22:20- Chris is on point with the demon voice

1:23:55- God-Pharaoh's Gift talk

1:25:10- Batman and Legend of Korra board games on the way

1:25:45- Batman's super power is White Privileged 

1:27:55- We are stupid

1:28:15- Cameron goofed really bad Daredevil doesn't equal Black Panther

1:29:15- Feedback (Please send us any feedback you have!)

1:29:30- Tetris trilogy is the best video game movie ever made?

1:30:40- Haley sits on a throne of lies

1:31:55- The trailer is indeed a spoof... 

1:33:30- What classic board games do you want to see made into movies?

1:35:30- If you buy Cameron things he will watch Legend with you

1:37:50- Deanna played B League Volleyball in college like a boss

1:38:40- The guys troll Deanna

1:39:10- Cameron explains his gamer-tag

1:40:10- Cameron is bitter about PSO 2 never coming to the US

1:41:48- I love you

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