Episode 41: What are shownotes? Free and Open Internet!

1:10- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?
17:45- Video Games
32:00- Movies/TV
44:15- "Must See" Movie of the Week
49:50- Anime
59:30- DongleNews (Tech)
1:16:55- Magic and other Tabletop Games
N/A- We are stupid
1:25:00- Feedback (Please send us any feedback you have!)

Detailed Notes:
0:14- Welcome Home #GeekyFaithful

0:28- What is this voice?

1:10- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?

1:20- Deanna Shares

1:30- MLP final thoughts

2:10- You can check out Deanna cosplay page Princess Deanna Cosplay

3:15- Less Umbridge less problems I always say

3:35- Kingsman talk? 

3:45- Chris shares

5:00- Ash is the worst

7:40- Spoiler for Kingsman? Not really sure how this is a spoiler but Chris said it was

9:00- Very British (Dr. Who) shirt! 

9:55- Cameron Shares

axis and allie.jpg

10:20- Nothing like setting up a game to not get remotely close to finishing it... 

11:50- People that like Axis and Allies why is Cameron wrong?

12:30- Cameron doesn't care about your Office spoilers

13:35- State fair talk

15:10- Lobster Roles=Lobster Sandwiches bring on your hate mail

15:45- Check out The Relevant 569 with Terry Crews

17:45- Video Games

17:55- Star Fox 2 finally came out! Good thing it was considered to bad to be released when it was made

18:30- Chris went SNES classic searching! Story time next week?

 19:30- Deer Tipping talk 

20:30- Hob finally came out!

21:15- Firefighting talk- and by talk a mean we are confused that it exists

21:45- Deanna investigates

22:15- Chris mentions Mahjong? Then explains it to Cameron who is used to Mahjong Solitaire? Who knew there more types of Mahjong?!

23:35- Deanna completes her investigation

24:25- Mecho Tales is the silly description of the week!

25:45- What is this description?

27:05- Super Mario Run Update drops today!

28:15- We don't know the price of mobile games...

28:30- Chris eventually put a link so Cameron wins

29:00- Mario and Rabbids is the best selling non-Nintendo game on Switch


29:40- Cameron tries hard and didn't think through his illustration... #thestruggle Think I was going for "Master chief is in the best selling Microsoft game on Xbox"

30:25- Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer dropped we will talk about it next week

32:00- Movies/TV

32:15- Flatliners released this week! 

34:25- Basically all Tom Cruise movies look the same...

35:45- Punisher Trailer dropped! 

37:00- Avatar 2 starts filming

37:20- Chris dies a little inside...

princess bride.jpg

38:25- "Will someone please explain to me what is going on?!?!"

39:45- "Creation becomes Torture in Darren Aronofsky's 'mother!'"

40:55- Everything has biblical themes if you try

41:15- Happy 30th anniversary to Princess Bride!

42:30- Star Trek Discovery came out if you want to stream it you have to get CBS exclusive sub...

43:45- "Chris has made his stance of a Free and Open Internet well known!" and on streaming services

44:15- "Must See" Movie of the Week

44:20- You can watch The People vs George Lucas on Amazon Prime

47:25- Chris forgot to participate! 

stranger things.jpg

47:45- The "Must See" show of the Week is Stranger Things. It is available on Netflix! 

48:20- Chris uses air quotes

49:50- Anime

50:15- Chris remembers to put things in the show notes

50:50- Thanks Chris! 

52:00- Drum Role cause Cameron is waiting for Chris to explain anime

54:30- One Punch Man gets a new director and studio

56:05- Pause for encouragement

56:20- Tsuredere Children*

58:30- This is a safe space Chris! Who hurt you? 

59:25- Chris teases a story

59:30- DongleNews (Tech)

1:00:00- Kidding not kidding

1:00:05- iPhone 8 teardown article

1:04:35- "Chris has made his stance of a Free and Open Internet well known!"

1:05:10- Verizon wanted to remove service from rural Montana customers

1:06:40- What is Coffee-Lake? 

1:09:10- BMW is working on wireless charging on its cars

1:11:15- Netflix is offering their tech to airlines?

1:11:55- Pause for finding the right article (which Chris didn't give me for the show notes)

1:12:20- Singing for Cameron is a struggle

1:16:55- Magic and other Tabletop Games

1:17:35- Korra Probending Arena is almost done!

1:20:45- Toys R Us is filling for bankruptcy!?!?!

1:24:05- Sundered's Mysterious Moral Compass from Gamechurch

1:25:00- Feedback (Please send us any feedback you have!)

1:25:10- Love you Todd! 

1:25:30- Chinese buffet struggle...

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