Episode 61: mass llama-slaughter roguelike-lite-ish couch co-op twin-stick top-down shooter

1:15- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?
20:00- Video Games
43:40- Movies & Entertainment
58:50- "Must See" Movie of the Week
1:04:55- Anime
1:12:05- DongleNews (Tech)
1:20:50- Magic and other Tabletop Games
N/A- We are stupid
N/A- Feedback (Please send us any feedback you have!)

Detailed Notes:
0:14- Welcome Home #GeekyFaithful


The Breadwinner.jpg

1:15- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?

1:20- Chris shares

1:45- Chris plays more Monster Hunter World!

 2:00- Fullmetal Alchemist tease

2:20- The Breadwinner talk


3:40- Earth: The Final Conflict talk

4:20- "Earth: The Final Conflict... It's not bad???" 

5:50- Chris also starts Grand Kingdom

6:25- Cameron Shares

6:30- Not that it is a competition but Cameron is winning at the playing MHW game

8:20- Cameron misquotes Critical Role like a boss

8:35- Shout out to John! 

9:30- Chris makes a face which is awesome radio

9:45- Legend of Korra talk

11:10- Deanna shares

11:15- Cosplay Hype

12:15- Hayden carries the team!


12:50- Audio issues?

13:00- Annihilation scares Deanna



15:40- Natalie Portman is part of some of our favorite movies like the prequ....

17:00- Travelers talk

19:40- That segue though

20:00- Video Games

20:40- Moss, Mulaka, and Heronie Anthem Zero Ep 1 comes out this week!

22:00- Bagboy  to stronk

26:25- VALA: Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse is the silly description of the week!

27:00- mass llama-slaughter roguelike-lite-ish couch co-op twin-stick top-down shooter you ever play!

A Way Out.jpg

28:50- Pikachu can't handle the VALA!

30:00- A Way Out goes gold (release March 23)

31:10- What are your "couples counseling" games?

31:50- RI to implement 10% sales tax on  violent M rated games to go to mental health and counseling resources for school

33:50- Chris gets to not pay sales tax... 

37:00- $10 to unlock extra character slots in Metal Gear Survive

37:50- Even if it isn't as bad as loot boxes it is still a poor practice...

39:15- Another DLC added to Final Fantasy 15 line up

40:50- Would you like to hear us to "Spin-off casts" (Like "What we think makes a good villain")

Red Sparrow.jpg

43:40- Movies & Entertainment

43:45- Red Sparrow and Death Wish come out this week

44:50- Bruce Wilish!!! 

Mark Hamill.jpg

51:50- Mark Hamill to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

51:20- We talking getting on the Walk of Fame

55:55- New Avatar comics on the way from Dark Horse

58:50- "Must See" Movie of the Week

59:00- We're Back: A Dinosaur Story talk

59:30- Rex didn't do well in the parade...

1:01:55- Newsies: The Broadway Musical is the "Must See" Movie of the Week!

1:03:05- Chris hasn't made his stance on Broadway well known

1:04:10- Netflix to strong!

1:04:55- Anime

1:05:10- Sword Art Online is going to be getting a live action adaptation

1:08:20- Chris talks Fullmetal Alchemist's live action movie

1:12:05- DongleNews (Tech)

banana phone.jpg

1:12:05- Might be the best intro to this segment yet!

1:12:45- US vs Microsoft email talk

1:15:30- This phone is BANANAS!!!

1:19:30- Galaxy S9 announced

1:20:50- Magic and other Tabletop Games

1:21:05- Challenger Decks on the way with an actual lot of value broken down by MTGGoldfish

1:21:20- We actually try to do research?

1:25:35- Masters 25 Spoilers

1:27:45- Kobold Token Hype!


1:31:10- “Prelude” Expansion for Terraforming Mars coming this summer

Terraforming Mars.jpg

1:32:10- Deanna with the sass

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