Episode 66: PAX Prep

1:45- What have we been playing, reading, watching, and listening too?
15:45- Video Games
21:00- Movies & Entertainment
27:10- "Must See" Movie of the Week
31:00- PAX East Special
N/A- Anime
44:35- DongleNews (Tech)
50:25- Magic and other Tabletop Games
54:55- Feedback/We are Stupid (Please send us any feedback you have!)

Hey so Cameron's computer decided to randomly reboot when he was almost done with show notes (don't ever buy a CyberpowerPC)... Because of this there is just going to be short show notes because he is bitter...

Thank you Madeline for the feedback! You get to be in the super short show notes because you are awesome for sending us feedback! Here are the thinks Madeline sent us: Russell Brand's Under The Skin Podcast #46 With Jordan Peterson and From Girl to Goddess: The Heroine’s Journey through Myth and Legend

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