Episode 84- Runaways, MTG Prerelease, Spider-Man, and Oscar Nominations

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Oscar Nominations

DCEU is cancelled

Episode 50: PSA Net Neutrality and Geek Community Etiquette.

Recorded 28 November 2017

Questions of the Week:

  • What should Chris make with his new 3D printer?
  • What Final Fantasy games would get you hyped for 2018?
  • What games have you played that did really cool things with their storytelling?
  • How does Wait Until Dark compare to horror films today?

Wait Until Dark is the Must See Movie of the Week

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Episode 21: New 2DS, King Arthur, Guardians of the Galaxy Spoilers

Recorded 08 May 2017

Questions of the Week:
1. Did you grab anything for Free Comic Book Day?
2. Did we completely screw up Halo's development history?
3. Did you see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2? What did you think?

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