Episode 101: HP Wizards Unite, Good Omens Petition, and Our Top 3 MTG Sets

Thank you Mythos & Ink Publishing for sponsoring this episode! Their 42-day devotional Thy Geekdom Come is filled we devotionals that combine geekdom and faith! You can pick up a copy on Amazon or use the promo code 1GEEK411 to get 25% off the e-book at mythosink.com.

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Episode 50: PSA Net Neutrality and Geek Community Etiquette.

Recorded 28 November 2017

Questions of the Week:

  • What should Chris make with his new 3D printer?
  • What Final Fantasy games would get you hyped for 2018?
  • What games have you played that did really cool things with their storytelling?
  • How does Wait Until Dark compare to horror films today?

Wait Until Dark is the Must See Movie of the Week

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