Episode 94: Accessibility in Gaming and Nerd Allignment

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Teaser Questions:
What game has reignited discussions on accessibility in gaming?
Microsoft’s Skype has increased their call capacity to how many people?

Sekiro: Accessibility in Games is about Far More than “Difficulty” by Cherry Thompson

Octopath Traveler: Conquerors of the Continent information revealed

Shazam brings in $53 million domestic during opening weekend

Geeky Personality Tests (Thanks to Love Clan discord for helping out with some of the ideas)

  • Hogwarts House/Ilvermorny House/Patronus

  • MTG Color Identity

  • Ravnica Guild

  • Star War / Star Trek

  • Avatar Element

  • DnD Alignment by Easydamus.com

  • Jedi vs Sith

  • Which Zombie Universe will you end up in?

  • What Pokemon type/gym leader would you be?

  • What Power Ranger are you? > Voltron lion

Let us know if there were any Geeky personality tests we missed and where you fall in these groups!