Episode 9: Eye to Eye

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  • Segment: movie to watch “Feature Film”

    • Tease other segments

    • A Goofy Movie

    • Fun Facts:

      • First directing gig for Kevin Lima - went on to direct Tarzan and Enchanted

      • Goofy was originally supposed to be more “dad-like” and less Goofy-like. Voice actor Bill Farmer protested this and we ended up with the Goofy we know and love. (STEVE MARTIN?!) (Jeff Katzenberg vs Bill Farmer, Kevin Lima and Roy {E, not O} Disney)

      • Powerline - Bobby Brown

      • Turned out to be better quality than expected

  • Segment: This week in Disney history “Once Upon a Time”

    • Nov 30, 2005 - Nutmeg (“Meg”) is born - present @ Disneyland 50th @ 9m of age


Dec 01, 1965 - Disney News - (later Disney Magazine in 1994) - first issue published

  • Dec 2, 1965:  Disney's live-action feature film That Darn Cat!, starring Hayley Mills and Dean Jones, is generally released

  • December 5th, 1901: Walt Disney

  • Segment: News/Announcements  “The Newsies Banner”

  • Disney has started production on its first TV series inspired by the culture and customs of India. Called "Mira, Royal Detective," the animated series for preschoolers is set in the fictional, Indian-inspired land of Jalpur. The protagonist is a courageous and resourceful girl called Mira, who, after saving the kingdom's young prince, is appointed royal detective. Set to air on Disney Jr in 2020

  • Artemis Fowl

  • Lion King

  • Star Wars - Galaxy of Adventures:

    • will launch a new series of kid-friendly animated shorts called Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures that will re-create classic moments from the film franchise. The first six shorts will launch on November 30th on a new website and YouTube channel dubbed Star Wars Kids.

  • Segment: weekly top 4 (secret from each other)”Let’s get down to business”

  • Top 4 Disney Tear-jerker moments

    • Lion King: Mufasa’s Death

    • Homeward Bound: Shadow in the Mud Pit

    • Old Yeller: Yeller Dying

    • Up: First 5 minutes

  • Mentions

    • Dumbo: Baby Mine

    • Fox and the Hound: Leaving Todd in the Woods

    • Moana: Grandma Passing

Contact Info Again: Twitters: @Sparkle_Fists @SpilledXWater @deanna790

Tease Next Week:  Movie: Hercules, Top 4 - Male (non-villains) Songs/Solos

Here there be spoilers: Discuss wreck it ralph 2?