Episode 10: Go the Distance

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  • Segment: movie to watch “Feature Film”

    • Hercules

    • Fun Facts:https://disney-channel-auditions.com/disney-stars/trivia-about-disneys-hercules/

      • The Spice Girls were considered to be the Muses

      • Hercules and Ariel are cousins fan theory

      • James Woods has played a number of villainous roles, but Hades was his favorite. He loved the role so much that he volunteered to voice the character for both the animated series and the Disney/Square Enix role playing game Kingdom Hearts.

      • The animation style was developed from greek vase paintings.

      • Movie does a good job setting up.

        • Muses’ song setting up the world and history.

        • Fates showing cutting someone’s thread of life.

        • Showing how hercules kept his strength with potion.

      • Favorite moments?

      • Favorite Quotes?

  • Segment: weekly top 4 (secret from each other)”Let’s get down to business”

  • Top 4 Disney Male (non- Villain) Songs

    • Shang - I’ll make a man out of you

    • Out There/Bells of Notre Dame

    • Hercules - Go the distance

    • Dodger - Why Should I Worry

Deanna’s List:

  1. I’ll Make a Man Out of You

  2. Go the Distance

  3. Out There

  4. Friend Like Me

Cori’s List:

1) Bells of Notre Dame
2) Why Should I worry?
3) Jack’s Lament
4) The Rainbow Connection
5) I’ll make a man out of you

Kerry’s List:

  1. I’ll Make a Man out of You

  2. Out There

  3. Evermore

  4. I Can Go The Distance

Contact Info Again: Twitters: @Sparkle_Fists @SpilledXWater @deanna790

Tease Next Week:

Movie:  Pocahontas    Top 4: Disney Cats