Episode 14: Dalmatian Sensation

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Today we are going to be talking about our feature film: 101 Dalmatians , Oscar Nominations, and then we’re going to get down to business and rank our favorite Animated Disney Dogs.

●     “Feature Film”

101 Dalmatians is based on a 1956 book written by Dodie Smith.

Pongo, a well intentioned Dalmatian living in London, finds love for both himself and his “Pet” Roger. Later, when his mate Perdita has puppies Cruella DeVille an old friend of Anita, Roger’s wife, wants to buy them for nefarious reasons. When Anita and Roger refuse she has them stolen by two petty thieves.

Pongo and Perdita go out to find their puppies and through the help of the twilight bark, save 99 puppies including their own children from being turned into coats by Cruella

○   Fun Facts:

■   At the time of its release in January 1961, this was the biggest grossing animated film of all time saving the animation studio after Sleeping Beauty flopped

■    the first Disney feature film to use photocopying technology (Xerography), which made an animated film with this much visual complexity possible. It also set the visual style of Disney animation (a scratchy, hard outline look) for years until the technology advanced enough (with the production of The Rescuers (1977)) to allow a softer look. ( Disney hated the sketchy look)

■   The scene where the puppies suckle from some friendly cows attracted a lot of criticism at the time of release as it was deemed to be inappropriate for a children's film.

■   Disney took many liberties with Dodie’s book but she absolutely loved them and believed Disney had improved upon her story. ( She had secretly wanted Disney to make a movie of her book along and was pleased when Disney snapped up the rights right after it was published)

○   General thoughts and opinions?

●     Segment: This week in Disney history “Once Upon a Time”

○   January 29, 1941: Fantasia Premiered

○   Alot of super bowl winners yelled “Im going to Disneyland/world”

●     Segment: News/Announcements  “The Newsies Banner”

○   Black Panther nominated for 7 academy awards ( Best Picture, Costume Design, Original Score, Original Song, Production Design, Sound Editing, and Sound Mixing)

○   Mary Poppins Returns was nominated for 3 ( Costume Design, Original Score, Production Design.)

○   Ralph Breaks the Internet ( best animated feature)

○   Incredibles 2 ( best animated feature)

○    Christopher Robin ( visual effects)

○   Solo ( Visual effects)

○   Avengers Infinity War ( Visual Effects)

○   Bao (best animated short)

●     Segment: weekly top 4 (secret from each other)”Let’s get down to business”

●     Top 4 Disney Animated Dogs

1   Pongo

2  Copper

3    Nana

4   Toby

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