Episode 19: Higher. Further. Faster.

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●     Segment: This week in Disney history “Once Upon a Time”

○   March 13, 2015 : Live Action Cinderella was Released

○   March 14, 1935 : Donald Duck made his first appearance in the Mickey Mouse Daily Comic Strip

○    March 14, 2010: Princess Tiana was Inducted into the Disney Princess Royal Court

●     Segment: News/Announcements  “The Newsies Banner”

○   58-year-old George Walter Dewayne Grimes, a worker at Disney World EPCOT fell and died.

○   Marvel Studios announced Destin Daniel Cretton will direct “Shang-Chi”  the first Marvel Studios film with an Asian Lead.

○   Official Aladdin Trailer Dropped

●     Segment: weekly top 4 (secret from each other)”Let’s get down to business”

●     Top 4 Disney Girl Power Moments:

○   Mulan - All the moments!!!

○   Frozen - Anna punching Hans

○   Hunchback of Notre Dame - Esmeralda “Justice” moment

○   Atlantis - Helga taking down the hot air balloon and saying “Nothing personal”

●   Next Week: The Reluctant Dragon (Amazon Prime rent) Top 4: Walt Era Films 

●     “Feature Film” Captain Marvel

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