Episode 23: A Dark Return

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●     “Feature Film” The Black Cauldron

●     Centuries ago, in the land of Prydain, a young pig keeper named Taran is given the task of protecting Hen Wen, a magical future seeing? fortune telling?, all knowing? pig, who knows the location of the mystical black cauldron. This is not an easy task, for The Evil Horned King will stop at nothing to get the power of the cauldron.Taran along with the young princess Eilonwy, the bard Fflewddur Fflam, and a wild creature named Gurgi seek to destroy the cauldron, to prevent the Horned King from ruling the world.

●     Trivia:

●     The movie is loosely based upon the first two books in Lloyd Alexander's Prydain Chronicles ("The Book of Three" and "The Black Cauldron").

●     The first Disney animated movie to not contain any songs, neither performed by characters nor in the background.

●      This movie is notable for being the first full-length Disney animated movie to incorporate computer graphics imagery (CGI) in its animation. The CGI was utilized for a lot of the special effects, which included the bubbles, a boat, a floating orb of light, the Cauldron, the realistic flames seen near the end of the movie, and the boat that Taran and his friends used to escape the castle. The dimensions and volume of the animated objects were fed into a computer and then their shapes were manipulated through computer programming before they were transferred as physical outlines the animators could work on. Despite this movie being released a year before The Great Mouse Detective (1986), both were in production simultaneously, and the computer graphics for the latter were done first. When Producer Joe Hale heard about what was being done, the possibilities made him excited, and he made the crew from The Great Mouse Detective (1986) create some computer animation for his own movie. For others effects, Animator Don Paul used live-action footage of dry ice mists to create the steam and smoke coming out of the Cauldron.

●      Tim Burton, worked as a Conceptual Artist on this movie

●      The first Disney animated theatrical movie to receive a PG rating, and had been the only one to have that rating up until The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) and Dinosaur(2000).

●      There is an urban legend that, despite the movie's failure in the U.S., it was popular in Japan, so much so, that the creator of the Legend of Zelda series, Shigeru Miyamoto, based a lot of the game's elements on this movie.

●      When the Horned King activates the power of the Black Cauldron, the sound of a space shuttle launch was used.

●     Segment: Misc “Whosits and Whatsits Galore”

●        Comicpalooza

o   First started attending in 2014

o   We are Cosplayers!

o   First cosplay contest in 2015 with a Disney Princess Wrap Battle Skit as Anna, Elsa and Ariel.

●        This year Kerry Entered a solo Skit as Human Tamatoa

o   Story of Audio issues and what happened to Kerry

o   Going at the end and winning best skit

o   Tamatoa Skit

o   Oogie Boogie Skit

●        Lounge Princess Photo Shoot – Taken by: Jonathan Vilches @j.a.vilches


“Lounge Princess” Meetup Photoshoot Photos

o   How the idea happened

o   Cosplayers Involved:

▪          Cinderella: Princess Deanna Cosplay

▪          Aurora: SchmittydeCali Cosplay

▪          Ariel: Lady Loodlz Cosplay

▪          Belle: Backsplit Cosplay

▪          Jasmine: Keriko Cosplay

▪          Mulan: SherrBear

▪          Rapunzel: Fairy La Fey

▪          Merida: Pastel Colored Cosplay

▪          Anna: Noontime Shadows Cosplay

▪          Elsa: Rumple and Cat Cosplay

▪          Moana: Charming Darling

▪          Vanellope: Clown Girl Cosplay

●     Segment: News/Announcements  “The Newsies Banner”

○   Disney has complete control over Hulu now.

○   Live Action Aladdin comes out this Weekend!

●     Segment: weekly top 4 (secret from each other)”Let’s get down to business”

○   Top 4 Disney Dark Moments:

    1 - Pinocchio - pleasure island “jack asses”

    2 - The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Hellfire/Frollo at the Beginning

    3 - Snow White - All the Dark things

    4 - Fantasia - Night on Bald Mountain “Chernabog”

Next Week: New Live Action Aladdin Top 4:  Disney/Pixar Shorts

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