Episode 24: A Hundred Thousand Shorts to See

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●     “Feature Film” Aladdin (2019)

●     Segment: Misc “Whosits and Whatsits Galore” - MORE ALADDIN

●     Segment: News/Announcements  “The Newsies Banner”

○   Star Wars Land is here!!! (Not in Orlando - Aug)

                                     i.        Star Studded Grand Opening: George Lucas, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Billy Dee Williams

                                    ii.        Lion king - new character posters in preparation for July 19th release

●     Disney Short Films:

○   1. John Henry

○   2. Paperman

○   3. Bao

○   4. Partly Cloudy


Tease Next Week: Dinosaur (2000)

Top 4:  Top Computer Generated Disney Animation Films